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“Eva González reveals Cayetano Rivera’s exciting new chapter with María Cerqueira”

Always jealous of her privacy, until now Eva González had never spoken publicly about the new stage that Cayetano Rivera has begun together with the Portuguese journalist María Cerqueira.

Without breaking with her usual discretion, the presenter has answered for the first time questions from the press about her ex-husband and her partner and she has done so alluding to her absolute priority.

“The better he is, the better my son will be,” she said with a smile.

Eva González Since they separated, news that she published HELLO! Last October, neither of them has ruled on the break, and they have turned to the well-being of little Cayetano, five years old.

Eva had only said that she is “very well” and she denied that she is thinking of a possible ecclesiastical annulment of her marriage.

“How barbaric, please!”

Regarding her sentimental situation, she has assured that she is open to love, although it is not her main priority at the moment:

“I am not closed to love, if it comes, it comes, it is not something that I go looking for with a sign that says I am single, far from it”.

Eva has also spoken of a reunion that has made headlines in recent days, although, she says, she does not understand the repercussion.

It is about her hug with Iker Casillas, with whom she had a relationship 15 years ago, during the tribute match for Joaquín Sánchez.

“It’s been a lot of years since we saw each other and of course we’re going to give each other a hug and if I meet him again I’ll give him another one,” he said with a laugh, adding that after so many years, the quarrels are more than overcome.

“I don’t have to hold a grudge against him for anything,” she said emphatically.

Eva González Just when her story with the Merengue goalkeeper was coming to an end, Eva met Cayetano Rivera.

It was in June 2008, at a party organized by Vogue magazine in Madrid.

Then it was already said that they had hit it off and speculation began about whether there had been a crush or not.

But the Sevillian continued dating Casillas, who at that time was in Austria, about to make history at the Eurocup.

After time, when they met again, things had changed.

Eva no longer had a boyfriend and at the beginning of 2009 the magazine ¡HOLA! published all the keys to this new relationship.

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