“Eva González’s Definitive Gesture in El Rocío Signals her Split with Cayetano Rivera”

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Eva González Rocks El Rocío in Spectacular Designs

Eva González has been having a memorable time at El Rocío with her closest friends. The 42-year-old presenter has been wearing two stunning outfits, one by Pilar Vera consisting of a bird and marsh duck printed shirt and polka dot skirt, and another by Rocío Peralta, which features a white shirt and flowered skirt. Missing from her attire this year is the medal of the Virgen del Rocío, gifted to her by her ex-husband, Cayetano Rivera, in 2017. The medal, previously owned by Carmina Ordóñez, was a symbol of Eva’s deep devotion to the Virgin Mary, which she wore in all of her Rocío visits until now.

Eva’s Breakup from Cayetano is Final

The absence of the medal from Eva’s outfit signifies that her separation from Cayetano is final. Though the couple has yet to discuss the reason behind their separation, it is evident that their break-up is not anything that can be resolved. Eva has denied rumors of an ecclesiastical annulment of their marriage and has only mentioned that she is doing well.

Silence from Cayetano

Like Eva, Cayetano has also been silent on the subject of their separation. Both parties have refused to talk about the reasons and have asked for respect during this time.

Cayetana Rivera and Carmina Ordoñez

Eva’s mother-in-law, Carmina Ordoñez, was known for her profound devotion to the Virgen del Rocío. Her ashes were scattered around the Doñana Marshes, which were one of her favorite places. Eva has been considered as the heir to Carmina’s devotion for the Virgen del Rocío.

The Future of the EX-Couple

Eva and Cayetano’s only current connection is their five-year-old son, Cayetano. The couple has been seen together during occasions for their son, such as the Three Kings Parade in Mairena del Alcor, Eva’s hometown in Seville. It remains uncertain what the future holds for the couple, but as evidenced by Eva’s missing medal, it is safe to say their relationship is over.

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