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“Eva Longoria’s Adorable Son Steals the Spotlight and Expresses His Love for Mexico”

Eva Longoria Promotes ‘Flamin Hot’ Film in Mexico

Eva Longoria recently visited Mexico to promote her film ‘Flamin Hot: the flavor that changed everything’. The Hollywood actress made her directorial debut with this film, which premiered on the streaming platform Star + on June 9, 2023.

During her visit, Longoria traveled through different regions in Mexico, and even had a special meeting with Joe and Bill Biden at the White House. She expressed her excitement about the experience, saying, “It was an honor to be there with my first film, what a thrill! And it was the first film of our community.”

Eva emphasized the importance of this project, as she wanted to create a love letter for the Mexican community in the United States. She wanted to represent the hardworking Mexican Americans and showcase their stories on the big screen. “Our stories are part of the country, and that is why I took on the role of director. I wanted to show our community how it is reflected on the screen,” she stated.

However, during a press conference in Mexico City, Longoria and her partner Jesse García were overshadowed by their 5-year-old son, Santiago Enrique Bastón. As the media interviewed Longoria, Santiago approached his famous mother and proudly declared, “I’m Latino.” Longoria playfully questioned him, asking if he was Latino or Mexican. To everyone’s surprise, Santiago confidently replied, “I am Mexican, bastards.”

Longoria also shared an amusing anecdote about how Santiago corrects her Spanish. She said, “Santiago speaks it perfectly, he is always correcting me. The other day I told him ‘No, my love, the knife is very… sharp,’ and he tells me ‘sharp, mom, sharp’ with a big smile on his face.”

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