Eva Martín’s Promise in Celebrating Female Empowerment in Spanish Series

By: Dan Cooper

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The Success of RTVE Series “La Promesa”

Since its release in January 2023, the Spanish audience has been captivated by the RTVE series “La Promesa”. One of the main antagonists in the show is Cruz Ezquerdo, played by the renowned actress, Eva Martín. The telenovela follows the story of the Marquise of Luján, who is determined to protect her family and her fortune from any threats, including Jana, a young man seeking revenge for his mother’s death. Eva Martin has also appeared in other popular Spanish series such as “Merlí: sapere aude” and “Mar de plástico”.

Highlighting the Importance of Female Characters

Eva Martín believes that the intricate stories of the female characters in “La Promesa” are a central pillar of the show. Josep Cister Rubio, the creator of the program, has built a cast of female characters that showcase both their positive and negative sides. In an interview with LOC, Martín explained, “Women are shown in their different versions…[they are] strong women in general and the plot relies on them. There are very powerful female characters: working women, idle women, good women, bad women, young women, older women.”

Moreover, Martín stressed that the portrayal and the importance of female characters in the show are not commonly seen in television or movies. Typically, she notes, “female roles are only there to support the male ones”. However, in “La Promesa”, the female characters stand out on their own.

Overall, the popularity of “La Promesa” stems from its unique portrayal of female characters and intricate storytelling. Viewers eagerly anticipate what is in store for the Marquise of Luján, Jana, and their fellow female characters in the upcoming episodes and seasons.

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