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Eva Mendes Unveils Her Youthful 'Summer Face' in New Photos

Eva Mendes Unveils Her Youthful ‘Summer Face’ in New Photos

Eva Mendes is soaking up the summer sun and radiating beauty in her latest social media posts. The actress recently shared new photos on Instagram, showcasing what she calls her “summer face,” much to the delight of her adoring fans.

At 50, Mendes looks stunning with her hands pushing her hair back and her flawless skin catching the setting sun. She opted for her signature bold eye makeup paired with a neutral look, complemented by a pink and burgundy dress with long sleeves, a pendant necklace, and hoop earrings.

Mendes captioned the photos, “Summer Face by artist of make up @mariavargasmakeup I looove her work,” and added, “Loving this @silviatcherassi dress. And loving these old hoops I designed a few years back. Summer is where I live.”

Her fans couldn’t get enough of the photo, rushing to the comments to express their admiration for her beauty.

“Beautiful queen,” commented makeup artist Maria Vargas, “bringing the sunshine everywhere you go! love youuu! and love getting to paint this face.”

Another fan wrote, “So photogenic. I have yet to see a bad picture, and yes picture 3 is brilliant. Glad you are enjoying summer. We are still waiting for ours to start! You always credit the people behind the camera, so nice. Have a good Wednesday with the family.”

A third fan added, “Summer looks so good on you! You’re too beautiful.” Another chimed in with, “Summer is definitely your season, you look stunning!”

Eva has certainly been making the most of the beautiful summer lighting. The day before, she posed sitting against a tree for a stunning photoshoot. Her honey blonde hair was perfectly blow-dried and bouncy, and she wore a dark purple strappy dress that gathered at the neck.

She captioned the photo, “Summer Lovin’ in my @johannaortizofficial vestido with amazing photographer @johnrussophoto,” and added, “Can’t wait to share pics. This was my kinda photo shoot…fast, precise & natural light. Gracias John.”

Eva Mendes in summer look
Eva Mendes stuns in summer look
Eva Mendes photoshoot
Eva had some fun in the youthful photoshoot

Source: Particle News