Evelyn Beltrán: Her Encounter with Alaïa, Daughter of Toni Costa and Adamari López

An Unexpected Reaction!

Since the relationship between Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltrán became official before the media, the only question that fans asked revolved around a single question: has the influencer met Alaïa, the daughter of the Spanish dancer and Adamari López? Well, everything indicates that this expected event occurred during the Father’s Day framework.

The Life of Influencers and Celebrities

The life of influencers and celebrities is very complicated, if not ask Evelyn Beltrán, the girlfriend of the dancer Toni Costa, who after living a moon de miel with her partner in Miami decided to take a little getaway to Texas, her hometown. The reason? Well, her family. But, don’t worry, we are not talking about the fact that the American model has suffered problems in her environment.

A Reunion with Her Son

It turns out that Evelyn was finally able to meet again with Timothy, her beloved son and whose guardianship was in a legal process. Let’s remember that Beltrán had her little one with Timbo Domínguez, from whom she has been separated for a long time. And finally it seems that the 27-year-old model seems to have reached a good agreement for the custody of the minor.

Evelyn Beltrán’s Relationship With Her Son

Contrary to what many people think, Beltrán was fighting a legal battle with her ex-boyfriend in the courts, whose final verdict concluded in rotating guardianship of little Timothy month by month. “Together, finally,” said the model in a photograph that shows the great love she feels for her son. It is worth saying that this meeting took place after for the child to spend the summer school holidays with his father, which is why Evelyn could not visit him or be close to him in June, according to Toni Costa’s girlfriend on social networks.

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A Heartwarming Reunion

Thus, during all this time, the infant was under the protection of his father, while Evelyn remained with Toni Costa until Saturday, July 1, the date on which he felt again the love of her beloved son. “How much I missed you, my sweetheart,” added the Instagram celebrity along with a postcard where they are both together and holding hands.

Meeting Alaïa Acosta

Parallel to what happened with Evelyn Beltrán, the dancer Toni Costa also took a plane to Tucuman to spend a weekend away from all the media noise. In this sense, it is worth remembering that Alaïa and Evelyn managed to meet during the Father’s Day celebrations. The information was collected and published by Mandy Fridmann, a renowned entertainment journalist throughout Latin America. According to the communicator, Alaïa had a fairly friendly and close attitude with Evelyn Beltrán, arriving to have extremely affectionate gestures with her. “When Alaïa saw her, she went looking for her and hugged her. What followed was pure play both in the sea and in the sand where they built castles, played soccer, and the three of them lived together with great joy,” he added. May 2022, the model and the daughter of Adamari López have met virtually through a video call.

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