Even if Warner Bros. doesn’t want it: a DC actor asked Henry Cavill to be Superman again

Even if Warner Bros. doesn't want it: a DC actor asked Henry Cavill to be Superman again

Henry Cavill He began his career at a very young age, obtaining various roles that helped him grow, but it was not until the second decade of the century that he rose to fame by donning the Superman suit in the DC Extended Universe. Most of the fans were delighted by his participation, but they only saw him in three films and now another actor wants me to come back. Will Warner Bros. accept it?

The relationship between the interpreter and the producer began to break down almost at the same time that they lost faith in Zack Snyder, after seeing the bad results of Batman vs. Superman (2016), in terms of criticism and, above all, in the world box office. This was followed by lousy performance of Justice League (2017) and a refusal to make a cameo as the character in Shazam! was what surpassed WB.

This year Henry was once again the Man of Steel for the cutting of Snyder of Justice League, which premiered in March on the HBO Max streaming service, and there was a glimmer of hope that he would reprise the role, but none of that happened. Right on his birthday, May 5, Warner issued a statement stating that they are in search of a new Superman., hence Cavill was no longer to be taken into account.

This infuriated the fans, who are not only asking for the actor, but also for the return of Zack Snyder with his vision, but Warner Bros. he turns a deaf ear and even took censorship measures for the members of his project, after The Rock said that the filmmaker should stick with the SnyderVerse. Despite this, JK Simmons contacted Henry to encourage him to return as Superman, depending on the site We Got This Covered.

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Leslie Grace is the chosen one to embody Batgirl in an upcoming tape of DC to HBO Max, So what Simmons he is also in negotiations to revert to being Jim Gordon. According to the medium, Henry Cavill’s return would be for this project. At the moment there is no confirmation, but we are sure that JK’s request is also from the fans.


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