Who is Allison Lanier? The Young and the Restless Star

Allison Lanier

On 4th August 1990, Allison Lanier was born in North Carolina, in the United States. She is a very well-known face of television for her character Summer Newman in the popular TV serial, ‘The Young and the Restless. Lanier’s highlights are Mia (2019), It Happened In L.A. (2017), Fish Bones (2018), and Oaks (2014).

 Allison Lanier completed her education and went to a good school and college, but not much information is known about these. Even she didn’t reveal on social media about her father and mother, not even their names. She is more of a private person who likes to keep her details to herself and maintains a low profile. 

It is suitable for her professional life to keep her private affairs and details separate from her professional self. Allison is an experienced person, which is why she keeps things lowkey always.

 Even though it is not known whether she is married, her marital details are vague and unavailable on the internet. Even she never talked publicly about her love affairs or relationships. She prefers not to be vocal about her love life. 

Allison Lanier is an all-rounder and multi-talented woman who does not have one or two qualities but possesses several. She is somebody to look up to and get inspiration from. She is an actress, model, producer, social media influencer, and also an entrepreneur belonging to the NewYork City, United States.

This brilliantly talented personality is known in her country for her outstanding performances in various movies and TV series. According to the information available on IMDb, her debut film was ‘It Happened In L.A.,’ and this movie was released in the year 2017. But Lanier came to the limelight after she enacted the character Annabelle in the TV series ‘Red Oaks’ (2017).

Apart from all these, Allison Lanier is a very successful model; even by modeling, she initiated her career in the entertainment world. Allison is a huge fashion icon. Allison’s LinkedIn profile showcases that she is into producing films and also is a producer at LALALAND GROUP. 

She is a good influence on the youth and an inspiration for budding actors and models who aspire to have a career in the entertainment world. She is a hyperactive woman who has done many things in her life besides acting. She struggled to get where she is at present. She is exceptionally talented, which helped her achieve the peak of her career.

After the news came to the public’s knowledge that Lanier would play the part of Summer Newman in the TV series ‘The Young and the Restless’, she got a lot of fame and appreciation from fans. After her success as Summer Newman, people have become interested in knowing more about her and are frequently googling to get relevant data about Allison Lanier.

Early Life of Allison Lanier

Allison Lanier went to a private school as a child, but her school’s name is unknown to us. Allison Lanier is a multi-talented woman. Following her LinkedIn profile, we learned that she went to The City University of New York and finished her higher studies in Industrial and Production design.

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Being an all-rounder, as we know that Allison is, she even completed a training course in acting at William Esper Studio in New York. Other than these accomplishments, she also did join for training in the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Training Centre.

Allison Lanier’s Physical Appearance, Age, Height, Weight, Nationality, and Religion

Allison Lanier is a beautiful woman with an energetic personality. She is about 31years older and is quite a progressive woman as an actress and a model. She has a gorgeous appearance with a tall figure. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, which is 1.7m and 17cm, her weight is about 54kgs, her shoe size is 6US, and her dress size is 4US.

Allison Lanier’s body stat is 34-23-36. She has exquisitely beautiful blue eyes and voluminous blonde hair. Allison Lanier does not have any tattoos but has piercings on her ears. Her hair length is medium. Allison Lanier is an American by birth, and Allison Lanier follows Christianity as her religion.

Allison Lanier’s Family, Parents, and Siblings 

After a lot of tiring background scrutiny, it has been found that Allison is the eldest daughter in her family. She has a brother who is younger than Allison. However, the actual names of her siblings and parents are not available anywhere. And as we did some more research, it was found that her father is a businessman by profession, and Allison Lanier’s mother is a housewife.

Allison Lanier did share a few old pictures of her grandmother and siblings on her social media profile. Allison loves celebrating her birthday in a gala fashion, and she enjoys her special day to the utmost with her family members, close ones, and her boyfriend.  

Allison Lanier’s Affairs, Personal Life, Love Life, and her Boyfriend

After we went through Allison Lanier’s Instagram handle, it was found that Lanier uploaded loads of pictures with JD Samson on her Instagram profile. In order to stay informed, JD Samson is basically a popular musician and American singer. 

According to current reports, it can be asserted that JD Samson and Allison Lanier are dating each other. Reports say that the couple has the same birthday and that Allison even says in one of her posts that it is lovely to share life and birthday with the same person. However, no proper source talks about Lanier’s past love life. 

On Allison Lanier’s birthday, Samson shared a post, “On our first date, we found out that we shared the same birthday….I am so deeply grateful for @allisonvlanier and her patience, trust, sensitivity, support, creativity, confidence, politics, curiosity, radical honesty, tenacity, improvisational musical numbers, sense of humor, and love. We have a really good time together. Happy Birthday to us!’’

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Allison Lanier’s Career and Acting Life

The media sources say that Allison Lanier is a successful model and actress. She stepped into the entertainment industry as a model. Allison Lanier started working in 2017. She had a quick, prosperous life in acting. In just five years of time from 2017 to 2022, she did create a platform for herself. She enacted the role of Megan in her debut film ‘It Happened In L.A.’ 

Later, after her success as Megan, she impressed the entertainment industry and got selected for the role of Annabelle in the TV series ‘Red Oaks’. After being featured as Annabelle, her career only kept rising to the top, and she did not have to look back.

Allison Lanier was satisfied with her career and enthusiastic about bringing out her best self. Her career was not limited to this; she also worked in several other films afterwards, including some of her popular performances in films like Fish Bones (as Bella), Mia (as Anna), and others. And finally, in 2022, it has been decided that the phenomenal Allison Lanier would be playing the part of Summer Newman in the entertainment series ‘The Young and the Restless ‘.

Not only has Allison progressed as an actress, but she is also a successful model. She featured for many fashion brands and companies. She also posts those modeling pictures on her Insta handle. Her LinkedIn profile also says she is a producer and is actively associated with the LALALAND GROUP.  

Allison Lanier’s Film Exposure

In 2017, Allison played the part of Megan in the debut film ‘It Happened In L.A.’. In 2017, she played the role of Annabelle in the movie ‘Red Oaks’.In 2018, she enacted the part of Bella in the film ‘Fish Bones’.In 2019, Lanier played the role of Anna in the movie ‘Mia’. And finally, she got the chance to act in ‘The Young and the Restless’ by replacing King for the part of Summer Newman, which happened in 2022.

How was Allison’s life before the big break in the TV series ‘The Young and the Restless ’?

Allison appeared in the television series ‘Red Oaks’ in the year 2017 as Annabelle. But her big break was the character of Summer Newman Abbott in ‘The Young and the Restless ’. Allison was associated with a few other jobs as well in her lifetime. 

Allison also had production knowledge and worked in a production company known as LALALAND GROUP. She also worked at NEWEL, where she used to sell props and old antiques as a salesperson. NEWEL is a massive company in the Big Apple. 

Adding to her acting skills, Allison Lanier is also an artist and has an imaginatively creative mind. She showcased something she drew, which was a picture of two of her close family members. She did this back in 2015. That portrait was a cartoon sketch of them; the couple was her great-grandparents.

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 Even though she uploaded this picture on her Instagram account, it received a good number of reactions and comments. It seems like perhaps Allison sometimes is like her character Summer Newman in ‘The Young and the Restless ‘. She has a creative mind similar to her alter ego, Summer, who is very successful and good at her fashion industry. 

Why was Allison selected for the role of Summer Newman?

Reports say that Hunter King, who previously was executing the role of Summer Newman in ‘The Young and the Restless’, left the show suddenly. King did not state any exact reason to justify her actions or share anything regarding it. So to replace King, Allison Lanier was selected after an audition, and of course, she impressed the directors with her excellent acting skills and expertise in this field. 

Allison Lanier’s Lifestyle and Net worth

Allison Lanier is an efficient and talented woman who makes good money from her profession. Since she is a multi-talented woman, she has other sources of income as well, apart from acting. She leads a beautiful lavish life and stays significantly fashion updated. She has a very high-class profile and leads an extravagant life.

Allison Lanier lives in a luxurious house and maintains that house very well by decorating it aesthetically. Since Allison Lanier is a model, too, her fashion sense is notably top-notch. She wears branded clothes and receives gifts from the big fashion brands she shoots for. She is quite a spendthrift like any other celebrity and has a comfortable life.

According to reposts from various sources, it has been found that Allison earns a handsome amount from her producer job at the LALALAND GROUP. This contributes a lot to her income. When all her revenues were calculated, including her salary, side incomes, possessions, and assets, it was found that her net worth is almost around $1.5 Million (approx).

Allison Lanier’s income sources are mainly acting, producing, and modeling. Her annual salary is about $250K-300K (approx). She currently lives in New York City and has a great house there. 

Some More Facts About Allison Lanier

  • As per the information in her LinkedIn profile, Allison Lanier was working at NEWEL as a Sales and Marketing Representative.
  • Allison worked as a Prop Stylist and Set Design Assistant from December 2018 to November 2020.
  • Lanier has one year of experience as a Prop Stylist Assistant.
  • For a year, Allison Lanier served in the position of Sales and Client Services.
  • Allison Lanier collaborated as a professional actor with Global Creative.
  • Allison Lanier worked with Wilhelmina as a professional model for over five years.
  • During the early days of Allison Lanier’s career, she even worked as a bartender and server at Shiraz Events.
  • Her IG handle has over 7K followers (as of September 2022).
  • Allison Lanier has gained immense popularity and fame throughout her life through her hard work and exceptional acting skills.

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