Who was Candy Loving? The Playboy’s Playmate

By: Ann Burdett

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Candy Loving

Candis Loving, also known as Candy Loving since that was her public name, was born on September 4th, 1956, in Oswego, Kansas, and she moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma, at a very early age when she was around 3 years old, with her mother and four other siblings. She graduated from a high school in Ponca City in the year 1974 and got hitched to Ron Prather

Later, Candis enrolled herself at the University of Oklahoma as a public relations major. She is basically a successful American model. For the January 1979 issue, Loving became Playboy’s Playmate of the Month, which crowned her as Playboy magazine’s 25th Anniversary Playmate. Loving’s centerfold was captured by the renowned photographer Dwight Hooker. Her fantastic name and voluptuous stance made her instantly the catch of the nation. Candis basically became a famous face overnight, and she utilized that fame with all she possibly could.

Loving’s Budding Career with Playboy

In 1978, Playboy magazine started a nationwide best Playmate hunt which continued for an entire year for its grand 25th-anniversary publication. She was a fresher at the University of Oklahoma and worked in a dress shop and also as a waitress for side earnings. While all these were going on in her life, she saw the ad in the paper, which intrigued her interest in the glam world. Her husband insisted she participate in this contest, and photographer Dwight Hooker helped her in getting the best shot test photos of Loving.

 Seven months later, when the results of the contest were out, the 22 years old college student Candis Loving won the competition by beating more than 3500 other models with her innate beauty and girl-next-door looks with a good name which looked best fitting as a playmate. Loving’s centrefold came out in the 1979 Playboy issue. That very year Loving had the advantage of her celebrity face and status, and she shifted to California to follow her dreams of pursuing her career in acting and also working as a model. She almost saw the entire world as she travelled a lot as Playboy magazine’s brand ambassador during the 25th-anniversary celebrations.

She took out a year from her college course to do so. Her promotional presence includes the National Press Club in Washington D.C. and also being a host of a men’s fashion show. The readers of Playboy voted her as a runner-up in 2001, for she was considered the hottest and prettiest Playmate of the 1970s era.

Loving after Playboy


During the time of Loving’s 1979 January centrefold appearance, she was a senior at the University of Oklahoma and was pursuing her course in public relations. By the year 1981, she had a sudden epiphany that the celebrity glamour world was not for her and that she wanted back to her old simpleton life as a normal person. So, she again enrolled herself at Oklahoma University to finish her studies, and she did this when she was 25. She wanted to get her bachelor’s degree in journalism and then later went to pursue her master’s degree in human relations.

 She utilised the money she bagged by working for the Playboy magazine to fund her entire education. Loving still continued to do publicity for this magazine, which included signing posters sometimes at various car shows, and also keeping in account her career options. In a beauty pageant, Loving met Dave Reavis, who was judging the show with her. Then Loving followed Dave to Tampa in 1983.

 In spite of the fact that their relationship did not last long due to personal issues, Loving stayed in Southern Florida, working for healthcare companies by designing benefit packages. She got divorced from her affair and personal problems and did not get married again, but she had a lovely daughter.

Relationship, Family, and Personal Life

Candis was raised by her mother. She had four siblings, but their identities are kept behind a facade because she always preferred keeping her personal and professional life separate. After Loving completed her graduation, she readily got married to Rob Prather, but her marriage could not stay for a long run because of her Playboy fame and career.

 Later in life, she dated Dave Reavis, offensive lineman for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and even shifted to Florida in order to have a live-in relationship with him but adding to her misfortune in her love life, even that could not last long, and both detached from each other moving on in their separate ways. Candis has a beautiful daughter, but she stays very lowkey about her, even though her name is unknown to the public. Her daughter finished her University studies in the year 2013, and she is aware of her mother’s past, though not ashamed of it and rather being supportive always.

 Candy Loving, the Playboy Playmate and model and also a sex symbol, had a very interesting and fulfilling life with several affairs and close associations. She had a long list of admirers lined up to select from, but alas, none of her romantic engagements lasted longer. She either gave up on dating later or kept it hidden from public interests.

Film Exposure

She was featured in ‘Dance Fever’(TV series) in the year 1979, then in ‘The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo’ playing in an episode in the year 1980, February 19. She was also seen in Woody Allen’s ‘Stardust Memories’ in the year 1980, where she was present at the very end as Tony’s girlfriend only in the walk-on scene. She made appearances in many other Playboy-related shows like ‘Playboy Playmate: The Early Years’ aired in the year 1982 as a documentary, ‘Playboy Video Centrefold: Playmate 2000 Bernaola Twins’ aired in the year 2000 as a documentary, ‘Playboy: The Party Continues’ aired in the year 2000 as a documentary, ‘Playboy: The Ultimate Playmate Search’ aired in the year 2003 as a documentary, ‘Playboy: 50years of Playmates’ aired in the year 2004 as a documentary. 

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