All About Karla Panini, The Woman Who Broke the Code of Friendship

The duo, Karla Luna and Karla Panini, was popularly known as Las Lavanderas, and the fans loved them from the bottom of their hearts. Unfortunately, one of them broke the friendship code, thus creating turmoil in their relationship and splitting the best friends.

Karla Panini is a hated woman. She got involved with her best friend’s husband, Americo Garza. The former tried to settle their differences. Sadly, the conflict became serious, and the successful program of partners-in-crime ended. Luna also ended her marriage to her husband. Panini was labeled a traitor, which also affected her career to a great extent, and it fell apart. Unfortunately, Luna succumbed to cancer.

At present, Panini is still with Garza, and they even have a daughter.

Here is everything to know about the Karla Panini controversy and why people despise her.

Who is Karla Panini?

Karla Panini is a comedian and radio personality who gained immense fame and popularity from her TV show, Las Lavanderas. She hails from Mexico and was born on the 21st of December, 1979. The woman had also been a radio host at her place of birth for some time.

She was only 20 when she kick-started her career in Monterrey in the world of radio. She appeared on the shows like “En Cabina” live aired on Televisa Monterrey. Later, she invented a character with her friend, making her extremely popular.

Panini gained fame in the defunct duet, Las Lavanderas, where she played the role of Lavandea Guera. Her popularity was shared by her namesake, colleague, and best friend, Karla Luna, who formed the other half of the duet. Everything was well between the duo until the news of Panini’s affair with Luna’s husband came out.

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This discovery resulted in bad blood between the two best friends. It also upset many of Panini’s fans. She was labeled a husband snatcher.

Panini even got heavy criticism when she tied the knot with Luna’s husband after Luna’s death.

When Luna Talked About the Betrayal of Her Best Friend

The hilarious duo Las Lavanderas became a big hit, and the females shared a good rapport, just like sisters. But they soon called it quits in 2014 after learning about Panini’s alleged affair with Garza. The infidelity shook Luna. She even talked about the same.

“There’s a huge betrayal that I cannot live with. I cannot continue, I cannot be with the people who hurt me. I forgive them, but I cannot be a part of this.”

An Affair that Broke the Friendship Forever

Karla Luna married Americo Garza in 2012, and the couple shared two children. However, no one expected that one day they would part ways. It was Panini who broke their happy marriage, which also her friendship with her best friend.

The affair between Panini and Garza was clandestine for some time. However, in no time, it became public knowledge. It led to serious issues between the couple and friends. The love triangle shattered everything at once.

Reportedly, Luna and Panini tried to call off their difference, but the ensuing conflict between them became a big issue, and their relationship worsened. Panini even told Luna metaphorically in her character that she is the mancornadora trying to take over her husband’s love and affection. The chaos between them soon became an international scandal.

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The marriage between Luna and Garza went downhill, and the couple decided to divorce. Sadly, Luna was diagnosed with cancer which further acerbated an already bitter and deceitful situation.

The Betrayal was Discovered Via Text Message

In one of the reports, it was revealed that Luna came to know about the relationship between her husband and best friend via text messages exchanged between the two. After reading the texts, she realized her husband was an item with her best friend.

Though Luna stated she had already forgiven the two, she couldn’t be a part of them any longer. The woman lost the battle with uterine cancer in 2017. Even after Luna’s death, Panini and Luna’s families have not been on good terms.

Panini continues to receive criticism from the general public.

Karla Panini’s First Husband

Before dating and marrying Americo Garza, Panini was married to Oscar Burgos. The age difference between the couple was big. However, they turned a blind eye to the generation gap and tied the knot in 2008. Oscar Burgos is a Honduran Politician who also doubles as a producer/comedian.

Reportedly, Panini had a crush on him since her childhood. She crossed paths with him as an adult on the set of a music show, and the duo gelled up.  All was well between them until the news of Karla Panini’s affair with Garza came out in 2014.

Panini Married Americo Garza

The affair between Panini and Garza continued for a long. It was after Luna’s death that the duo decided to take their relationship a step further. The couple did not waste time and exchanged marriage vows in 2016. Their wedding ceremony took place in Nuevo Leon at Villa de Santiago. It was a Christian ceremony.

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Many of Panini’s friends and family, including her ex-husband, were happy for the couple and wished them a good life ahead. However, we cannot say the same for the people on the internet. Panini and Garza received a lot of flak for tying the knot after Luna’s death.

Panini even defended her marriage against the fans who criticized her. She turned cynical in her defense and stated that her former friend, Luna, was no saint. She even added that she was in love with Garza for a while and now she doesn’t care if that makes the world unleash hatred on her.

The public agony that Panini was facing worsened. Garza claimed that his and Luna’s young daughters started living with Panini.

Panini exploded on the internet space and accused Luna’s family of attacks and using what she tagged a smear campaign against her. They were also called out for child pornography. Panini stated that they leveraged memes with images of little children.

How Panini Commercialised the Whole Situation?

Not everybody could even think of commercializing the hatred they receive from the public. However, Panini sure took the risk.

The Mexican comedian received immense hatred and fans from people throughout Mexico and other parts of the world. She decided to release her T-shirt line with the inscription, “We hate you, Panini.” The idea was not welcomed by many.

The woman has gone through two marriages and has two children. The first one is a son from her first marriage, and the second child is from her second marriage.

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