What Is Koon Baya Meaning? Why Should You Not be Using Koon Baya

When the fans heard about Kanye and Kim’s split, they were in utter shock.

The relationship between the two deteriorated as a result of his spat with comedian Pete Davidson over Kim. Now, Kanye seems to be losing his cool even more and has opted to take a shot at another comedian and talk show presenter, Trever Noah.

Recently, he called Trever Nova a Koon Baya. The word may sound unique, but do you know it has an offensive meaning?

So, what does Koon Baya mean, and why should you not use it? Here’s everything to know.

Kanye Has Koon Baya Trending all over Social Media

When Kanye does something, expect it to spread all over social media like wildfire. This time, the word ‘Koon Baya’ is trending throughout the internet right after the controversy happened between him and Trevor Noah. Many people have already started digging Google and other search engines to find the meaning of this word. They also want to know what exactly this controversy is all about.

What is Koon Baya?

Koon Baya is a racial slur used for someone from the black community who dislikes other black people. This term is used to describe a black individual who acts against other black people. It is not a certified phrase.

Kanye went to an altogether different level and wrote a caption on his Instagram misspelled as c**n. This term is largely associated with segregation, slavery, and dehumanization. It is highly repugnant to black people.

The Meaning is also Listed in Urban Dictionary

Koon Baya is a racist term used to identify a black person who is not so fond of the people who are black. The meaning of this phrase has also been listed on Urban Dictionary.

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As per the Urban Dictionary, Koon Baya refers to ‘a word used to define a black individual who is anti-black and often acts against the black community’. It further defines the Koon Baya as ‘the disparaging term used to refer to a black individual or any person of African descent.’

Know about the Controversy between Kanye and Trevor Noah

The whole controversy between the two began when Trevor Noah spoke on the 15th episode of ‘The Daily Show With Trevor Noah’. He talked about the divorce between the power couple. The comedian didn’t give second thoughts in highlighting how men can abuse strong women and accused the rapper of assaulting Kim. The ongoing dispute then gained momentum on social media platforms after erupting from the show.

The next day, the rapper took his IG profile to share a series of posts, including one about Pete Davidson, comedian Hughley, and others. In one of the posts, he appeared to address the comments made by Trevor. Kanye shared a screenshot of Trevor Noah’s Google result suggesting a South African comedian under Trevor’s name. He also wrote ‘Koon Baya my lord Koon Baya’. Instagram suspended his account soon after.

The internet did not like the gesture made by the rapper and condemned him for doing so. Trevor released a long statement about the incident.

There’s a Similar Word with a Different Meaning too

While Kanye has been condemned for the present stance, many Instagram users pointed out that he captioned the picture with a variation of the African-American spiritual song, Kumbaya, My Lord.

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As for Kumbaya, it is an African-American devotional and traditional song. Its English translation means Come by Here. It is a hymn composed by the residents of South Carolina and the coasts of Georgia with a plea to God to come to the aid of those in need.

People on the internet have been giggling since this post was made in public. Little did they realize that the comment may be insulting to a specific section of people! Ensure to always check the facts straight before you start giggling, using or ridiculing a word/comment.  

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