Who is Patricia Rivera? The Actress Whose Career Succumbed to Controversy

She stood out as one of the most recognized female figures in Mexican cinema during the 1980s. She took part in numerous productions and marked an entire era with her infectious presence. However, the success was short-lived, soon overshadowed by controversy.

Patricia Rivera became a famous name throughout Mexico, and the woman reached the pinnacle of success during her heydays. Here’s everything to know about her.

Who is Patricia Riveria?

Patricia Rivera was born on 25th July 1956 in Saltillo, Coahuila. She rose to popularity after participating in a beauty pageant, Miss Mexico, when she was 20. It took a couple more years for the female to taste real success; after that, there was no looking back.

She received her first big break in 1978 after being offered a role in the movie El Arracadas. It was her first production, where she also shared screen and credits with Vicente Fernandez, a consolidated star in the music and national film industry of Mexico.

The Actress Was Seen in Many Films and TV Shows

After her first big break, Patricia Rivera impressed the audience and critics alike. Gradually, she gathered a huge fandom playing different roles for numerous movies. In 1989, she appeared in Rosa de dos aromas. In 2000, the actress was seen in Agarren al de los huevos. Patricia also rose to popularity with her early release, Tiempo de Lobos, in 1985.

Before experimenting with different roles and movies on the big screen, Patricia also contributed to the TV industry with her role in the movie Uncofessable Passion. It was filmed in 1974.

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When a Controversy Affected the Actress’s Career

Wondering when the last time Patricia Rivera appeared on screen was?

It happened back in 1995.

Patricia was last seen on the national television in a TV Azteca telenovela called Con toda el alma. After that, her career seemed to be extinguished. Everything happened following a controversy with Vicente Fernandez.

Although the details about how they met are unclear, apparently their first meeting happened in 1976 when she was a contestant on Senorita Mexico. They met again a year later on the set of a movie. It was the beginning of their adulterous relationship, and the duo maintained it for a decade.

Some reports suggested it was Felipe Arriaga, Vicente’s best friend, who was in charge of overlapping their relationship and was a lender for the acquisition of a luxury apartment that became the couple’s love nest throughout the years.

Patricia’s dedication to their relationship went to the extent that she would not commit to a lot of work because she had to make herself available for the volatile schedules of her lover. At that time, Vicente was at the pinnacle of his success and would often take long national and international tours. Patricia accompanied him in many of them.

It was an extra-marital for Vicente, who kept his relationship with Patricia under wraps to hide it from his wife and children. If rumors are to be believed, Patricia and Vicente even had a son.

The Last King: The Son of the People – A Series that Talks about the Controversy

The second season of the Last King: The Son of the People is a Vicente Fernandez bio-series produced by Televisa. The series became the talk of the town for not being authorized by Vicente’s family. It is because it addressed the ship of love the singer had with her lover, Patricia, in 1978.

The show features the highlights of the fiery romance between the two, which soon ceased to be a performance and consummated in real life. Reportedly, the romance between him and Patricia caused turmoil in their married life of Vicente and became the cause of multiple fights between him and his wife, Dona Cuquita.

When Vicente Gave his last Name to Patricia’s Son

The infidelity that happened led to a lot of controversies during that time. Reportedly, Patricia even surprised everyone by revealing that she had a son with Vicente. In the middle of this scandal, the singer decided to take care of him. He even gave him his last name until 2007, when he found “there was no relationship between the two”, and Patricia lied about their son, Rodrigo.

This big revelation was made after Vicente Fernandez Jr. was kidnapped. When the anti-kidnapping insurance of the Fernandez dynasty asked for the child’s blood test, it was revealed Rodrigo was never his son.

Reportedly, Patricia and her son live in Morelos, away from scandal.

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In 2022, Vicente succumbed to prostate cancer which he overcame. In 2012, he had a tumour removed from his liver. The singer passed away last year on 12th December following injuries he suffered from falling from his ranch. He was 81.

Where is Patricia Rivera Now?

Reportedly, Patricia Rivera is married and lives in the state of Morelos, where she runs an ecological hotel.

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