Power Walking – Why Have Many People Jumped on this Bandwagon?

Walking is the easiest exercise you can perform to stay fit and healthy.

For centuries, we have been listening to the advantages of walking and how it can help everyone stay fit and healthy. Walking burns calories, thus making sure you do not gain unwanted fat in your body. People are seen walking everywhere – on the ground, in the park, and even on the terrace of their homes. Nowadays, many people have followed a new culture of walking. It is called power walking.

If you are looking to up your heart rate but are in no mood to do something as strenuous as running, the concept of power walking may interest you. Not only does it include many health benefits, but power walking is also accessible and can be great fun. Whether you plan to work on your fitness, get some fresh air, or merely clear your head, this form of walking may help you kickstart your routine.

Here is everything to know about power walking.

What is Power Walking?

Power walking differs from normal routine walking. It is an aerobic exercise that mainly focuses on speed and arm motion. Unlike normal walking, you are expected to follow a brisk pace and use a specific technique.

A gentle pace of walking begins at 5mph, and the pace of power walking remains between 4mph and 5mph. Power walking is a gentler version of the exercise, but it is just as beneficial for your health as other forms like running and swimming. It pumps your blood and burns as many calories as you want. All you need to do is to stick to the routine of this new lifestyle change.

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What are the Benefits of Power Walking?

The concept of power walking is all over the internet and social media. Many fitness enthusiasts, celebrities, and others have jumped on the bandwagon of walking speedily to achieve a good fitness level without putting too much effort or changing their routine by leaps and bounds.

You can enjoy the following benefits of speed walking.

It Raises your Hear Rate

You do not have to particularly walk on a treadmill to raise your heart rate anymore. You can perform power walking and do the needful. Such walking increases your heart rate to the moderate-intensity zone.

Improved Weight Loss Efforts

You can combine power walking with other forms of exercise and witness an improved weight loss effort in your overall weight loss journey.

Better Flexibility

Power walking increases the flexibility of your muscles and joints. You can include a stretching routine after walking to get rid of rigidity. It also keeps chronic pain at bay in the long run.

Strong Muscles

According to research, power walking strengthens your muscles, especially your leg and abdominal muscles. Walking daily increases your range of motion and shifts pressure from your joints to muscles.

Stronger Bones

If you are at a high risk of osteoporosis, adding power walking into your routine may help you manage the problem. Speed walking increases impact on your body but less than running and jumping. It also helps build stronger bones and slow down the effects of osteoporosis.

Decreased Health Risks

When you walk for 150 minutes per week, it gives you the benefits of decreased health risks.

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How is Power Walking different from Normal Walking?

Power walking and regular walking are different from each other. The former follows a particular pattern or technique which can be practiced and developed over time.

Warming Up

Warming up constitutes the first step of power walking. It helps to reduce the risk of getting injured. Walking at a normal pace for around ten minutes can act as a warm-up.

Watching your Posture

Many people commit a common mistake of slouching forward while walking. However, it is very contrary to the concept of power walking. If you slouch forward, it will slow you down and make it harder to take big breaths. Therefore, it is vital to maintain an upright posture.

Taking Normal Strides

Instead of lengthening your stride, power walking is all about taking normal strides. The technique also follows landing on your heel with each step and rolling your foot towards your toes to propel you forward. This technique also helps you squeeze your glutes.

Relaxing your Hips

In brisk walking, you should try to move your hips forward rather than side to side. This movement improves flexibility and helps you quicken your pace without straining your lower back. Power walking also includes keeping your arms active by swinging them on purpose. This movement activates your muscles and helps you move faster.

Talking Rest

Finally, power walking also includes taking a rest for some time before you continue walking. An easy way to determine if you are following the right intensity is to see how easy it is to talk while walking.

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How Do I Prepare for Power Walking?

Do you want to incorporate power walking into your daily regimen? Here is how to prepare for power walking.

  • Do not wear anything that doesn’t feel right on your skin. Always wear comfortable clothing that lets you walk comfortably without feeling sweaty. Apart from the right clothing, choose the right footwear for brisk walking. Visit your local sports shop and buy walking trainers. 

  • It is vital to ensure you are visible to road users, particularly in winter or rainy months when it gets dark very easily. Use pavement for walking. Always carry a torch if you are walking at night. 

  • You can also explore ways to make your power walking more fun. For instance, you can ask your friend or partner to walk with you. Choose a green space to feel connected with nature while you continue your power walking session. 

  • Do not be afraid to challenge yourself when you are ready. As you get the hang of power walking and your fitness levels improve, intensify your exercise. Challenging yourself is an excellent way to keep at it in the long run.

Fitness comes easy, and results come quickly when you rely on power walking. Thus, why wait? Incorporate this exercise in your daily routine and feel fit and happy.

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