Who Is Kim Cattrall? Everything About “Sex And City” Star

Who i Kim Cattrall? Everything about "Sex and City" Star

Gladys Shane (née Baugh) and Dennis Cattrall, a construction engineer, gave birth to Kim Victoria Cattrall on August 21, 1956, in the Mossley Hill suburb of Liverpool. Her brother’s name was Christopher (died 2018). When she was three months old, her family came to Canada and settled in Courtenay, British Columbia.

She returned to Liverpool after her grandma fell sick when she was 11 years old. She spent a year studying acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art before returning to Canada and landing her first acting job in New York City at the age of 16.

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After graduating from Georges P. Vanier Secondary School in 1972, Cattrall started her acting career in New York City. After graduating from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she signed a five-year film contract with director Otto Preminger. She made her film debut in Preminger’s action thriller Rosebud (1975).

Universal Studios bought the arrangement a year later, and Cattrall was one of the last contract players in Universal’s contract player system (also known as MCA/Universal at the time) until it was phased out in 1980.

Cattrall was employed in a number of television guest-star roles by Eleanor Kilgallen (sister of Dorothy Kilgallen), the Universal system’s agent in New York. Kilgallen earned her a part in a 1977 episode of Quincy, M.E., which starred Jack Klugman, whom Kilgallen also represented.

In September 2021, Cattrall will act with Robert De Niro in the comedy film About My Father, which is based on the life of stand-up comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. Cattrall was featured prominently in the permanent exhibition Wondrous Place, which celebrated Liverpool’s cultural legacy, in November 2021.

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Career As An Actor

Kim was given her first professional acting role before she turned eighteen. While studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, she received the offer when she was discovered by director Otto Preminger and cast in the 1975 film Rosebud. Her career took a bit to take off, but she’s since acted in over 50 films!

Throughout the 1970s, she mostly appeared on television before moving on to cinema in the 1980s. She had leading parts in the films Porky, Police Academy, and Mannequin in the early 1980s. Cattrall’s big break came after two decades in the industry when she was cast in the HBO series Sex and the City as Samantha Jones, a promiscuous publicist living in New York.

She first declined the part, and it took many discussions with executives to persuade her that Samantha wasn’t a one-dimensional character before she decided to take it on. It paid off in the end, as she won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2002 and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in 2003. She has become a worldwide star since the program debuted.

Personal Life

In 1977, Cattrall married Larry Davis for the first time. In 1979, the couple divorced. Cattrall married Andre J. Lyson in 1982 and went to Frankfurt, Germany, with him. Cattrall learned to speak fluent German during her stay there. Lyson’s marriage to her was terminated in 1989. Cattrall married jazz musician and sound designer Mark Levinson in 1998. Satisfaction: The Art of the Female Orgasm was co-written by her and Levinson. Her marriage, however, was terminated in 2004.

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Cattrall is a dual citizen of the United Kingdom and Canada. There were reports that Cattrall had earned citizenship in the United States in 2008, but she subsequently denied them. In 2009, she appeared on the reality show Who Do You Think You Are? when she found out that her grandpa George Baugh had divorced his first wife and married his second. He and she have four children together.

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She’s Absolutely Straight Up About Life

Kim is recognized for her honesty, and we like her no-nonsense approach to her career as an actor. “I’ve spent most of my life playing sexually aware women,” she says. I was expecting to be playing mothers and spouses at this time. Playing a femme fatale is thrilling.”

“My male pals don’t seem to be intimidated because I’m a 100-watt sex bomb standing next to them.” Absolute legend!

Secrets Of The Family

Cattrall appeared in a BBC program titled Who Do You Think You Are? in 2009, in which some disturbing details about her family were revealed. Her grandpa, George Baugh, was revealed to have vanished in 1938, abandoning his family, including her 8-year-old mother and two younger sisters.

That was terrible enough, but it was also revealed that the following year, he married another lady called Isabella Oliver in Tudhoe, County Durham, and had four more children. Cattrall was also informed that he relocated to Australia in 1961 and worked as a postmaster. In 1972, he retired, and in 1974, he died in Sydney.

She and her family were unaware of this knowledge since her dad had disappeared after abandoning her mother when she was a little child. No one had seen a clear image of him or even knew what he looked like.

At the Playhouse, she was a ruthless Cleopatra

Tickets for Shakespeare’s Antony & Cleopatra, which starred Kim as the Queen of the Nile, sold out quickly in 2010, and our beloved Playhouse Theatre was filled to the rafters. Kim speaks passionately about her love of Liverpool and her desire to return to the stage where she used to see concerts as a child, never forgetting her Mossley Hill beginnings. The Times on Antony and Cleopatra: “People will brag about seeing Kim Cattrall’s Cleopatra.”

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Samantha Jones

Kim has already said in interviews that she felt apprehensive about portraying Samantha Jones – and no one can blame her! She’s also claimed that it wrecked her dating life for a long time since people believed she was like the role she portrayed on TV, but in fact, she had a long time to come to terms with her sexuality.

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“I’m no authority in s-x,” she claimed in an interview with the Sunday Times Magazine, “but I’ve been under great pressure to be one because of my roles.” In interviews, she has also remarked that, despite rumors in the press, all of the central girls in the Sex and the City series get along swimmingly.

She Drew Canada’s Previous Prime Minister

You know the hottie currently in charge of Canada… Justin Trudeau… Kim dated Pierre, back in the day. The two were first seen together in the early 1980s, and only last year, the American television program 60 Minutes mistakenly identified Kim as Pierre’s wife, Margaret. Kim looks gorgeous.

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