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Everything that is known about the new public fight that Adrián Zela starred with his girlfriend Vanessa Cayo – El Comercio

Adrián Zela again in the eye of the storm. The footballer returned to star in a strong fight with his girlfriend Vanessa Cayo on public roads and the images were broadcast by the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”.

According to information from Magaly Medina, the incident occurred on the streets of the Santiago de Surco district after leaving a party held in an apartment, in the morning of Sunday, October 24.

In the video you can see Vanessa Cayo hitting the defender of the Binational club, while he answered a call.

“I ask you please, do not touch me, do not involve me in anything”, the player is heard saying when approached by his sentimental partner.

In the midst of this scandal, Vanessa Cayo took to her social networks to publicly apologize with a lengthy message.

“I would like to begin by apologizing to my followers for what was televised yesterday (on the program ‘Magaly TV: La Firme’). I think we all make mistakes and the important thing is to recognize them and work on them “, indicated the also influencer.

“The scenario transmitted was the reflection of not setting a limit when spending drinks, which generated an aggressive discussion from my unconscious”, added.

In addition, Cayo assured that the scenes seen in Magaly Medina’s program do not represent her. “Every day is a new opportunity to look for our best version. Sorry. Thanks”, ended.

In February 2020, Adrián Zela was caught in the middle of a fight outside the Kaya Guest House condominium, located in the Punta Hermosa district. The fact was recorded by the security cameras of the property.

In the broadcast images, the player is observed talking for several minutes with a group of people outside the building. At one point, a car leaves the condominium and Adrián Zela approaches the parking vehicle. It seems that the footballer exchanges a few words with the driver when he suddenly opens the passenger door abruptly and tries to attack the person on board.

The people who were in the place try to calm him but it all ended in a brawl. Vanessa Cayo was present at the scene and clung to Adrián Zela’s leg to stop him, but received a blow in the middle of the struggle. The young influencer ended up on the floor.

Those present tried to calm the player while helping to lift Gaius, who remains seated in place. The images ended when everyone left beaten.

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