Everything we Know about Marina Ovsyannikova Who Interrupts Live Broadcast with Sign Reading ‘No War’

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The identity of Marina Ovsyannikova became popular this Monday after breaking into the broadcast of a news program on Russia’s Channel One, where she is an editor and television host. The journalist wanted to communicate with a poster her position against the war in Ukraine and she referred to the audience: “Do not believe in propaganda.”

Ovsyannikova lives in Moscow, the Russian capital, and presents herself on her social networks as a television news anchor, and an open water swimmer in the Swimstar and Oceanman competitions. In her sports history, she has crossed the Volga and Bosphorus rivers.

He studied from 2001 to 2005 at the Russian Academy of National Economy, later continuing his academic training at the Kuban State University, located more than 1,300 kilometers south of Moscow. On Channel One she works as director of news programs.

According to former Echo of Moscow radio editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov, Ovsyannikova is the mother of two children. According to her social media posts, she is a dog lover.

Marina Ovsyannikova received thousands of messages of support

After the episode aired on the Channel One newscast, where he called for “stop the war”, he received thousands of supportive comments from users around the world in the form of support on his official accounts. “I respect you for the risk taken,” a man dedicated to him, in his profile photo. “What a brave thing to do. I hope you are safe. Thank you so much for speaking up,” wrote another.

Marina Ovsyannikova posted a photo with a necklace in the colors of the Russian and Ukrainian flags

Within the messages, he also received the approval and thanks of Russian citizens. “Marine, thank you! Thank you for your courage, for the hope for us Russians, and for your inspiring act! You are a true heroine! You are in our heaxrts!” they posted on their account.

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According to OVD-Info, an independent Russian human rights media project created to combat political persecution, Ovsyannikova was detained.

The episode on Channel One

Marina Ovsyannikova

This Monday, in the middle of the transmission of the main Russian news, Ovsyannikova burst into the recording studio with a sign against the invasion of Ukraine. After a few seconds, the broadcast cut off and they began to transmit another sequence of images.

The news program was running smoothly, with a woman hosting. From one moment to another, the journalist appeared in the shot, behind the driver. Everything happened in a short period of time on Channel One, one of the most important and state-run.

“Stop the war,” said the banner he was holding, in favor of Ukraine. In her request to the audience of the news channel, the woman warned: “Do not believe the propaganda, here they are lying to you.”

Channel One describes the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a “special operation” to “denazify” the invaded neighboring country. According to information from the Tass news agency, in charge of the Kremlin, the channel reported that it was internally reviewing the incident.

“I am ashamed that I allowed myself to tell lies on the television screen. I am ashamed that I allowed the Russians to become zombies,” he explained. In addition, he invited Russian citizens to protest against the war and said that only they can “stop the madness.”

“What is happening now in Ukraine is a crime and Russia is an aggressor country. The responsibility for this aggression rests with the conscience of a single person, and that person is Vladimir Putin”, opined the editor of Russia’s Channel One.

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She continued: “Unfortunately, in the last few years I have been working on Channel One, doing propaganda for the Kremlin, and now I am ashamed of it. “

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