Everything we know about Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City!

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Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is a reboot that totally reboots the franchise and finds more inspiration in the video games on which the film is based. There are already images from the film that confirm the presence of characters such as Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker and Lisa Trevor. Some of them do not have the iconic appearance that characterized them in the sets Capcom: Leon it is not blond and Jill has a different haircut.

Johannes Roberts, director and scriptwriter of the film, stated: “This movie has nothing to do with the previous saga. He returns to video games and creates an atmosphere more of horror than of science fiction ”. Everything indicates that the remake of the second game will be an important inspiration for his version of Resident Evil: “I wanted to capture that atmosphere, a very cinematic experience.”

All about the Resident Evil reboot

The filmmaker remarked that The Exorcist served as a source of inspiration in addition to other films: “I wished that Raccoon City feel a bit like the city of The Deer Hunter, a ghost town forgotten by the world. The structure of the film follows the line marked by Assault on the 13th District Police Station ”.

Roberts is convinced of the need to give a specific weight to each character within the story and in that sense he selected the most capable actors for the job: “They are not simply cosplay protagonists who have the same haircut and costume.” One of the errors that the director highlights for this kind of project is in the casting: “Someone who visually resembles his character is chosen for the cast.”

New threats. Photo: IMDb.

The plot of the movie? Raccoon City served as a home for the Umbrella CorporationHowever, now it is an empty city destined to be forgotten. A great evil lurks in its streets. When he is released, the townspeople change forever and a group of survivors must work together to uncover the truth of the corporation and survive the night.

Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is starring Kaya Scodelario as Claire Redfield, Robbie Amell as Chris Redfield, Avan Jogia as Leon S. Kennedy, Tom Hopper as Albert Wesker, Janna John-Kamen as Jill Valentine, and Neal McDonough as William Birkin, among others. The film will hit theaters next December 2nd.

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