Who is Roman Atwood? Everything You Need to Know

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If you are into prank videos and often search YouTube to look for family-related vlogs, the channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs’ ‘ may have been on your watch list for sure. This US-based prankster turned YouTube Vlogger is famous for his distinct vlogging style and entertaining his subscribers and viewers. So, who is Roman Atwood’s YouTube prankster? Read on to know more about this entertainer.

Who is Roman Atwood?

  • Full Name: Roman Bernard Atwood
  • Birthday: May 28, 1983
  • Age: 38
  • Birthplace: Millersport, Ohio
  • Present location: Ohio
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Eye color: Green
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Former Jobs: Factory worker at rope company
  • Wife: Brittney Smith Atwood(Married since 2018), earlier Shanna Riley(Divorced in 2008)
  • Children: Noah Vaughn Atwood (born October 18, 2004), Kane Alexander Atwood (born October 23, 2011) and daughter, Cora Atwood (born July 16, 2017), Knox Atwood(January 6, 2021)
  • Website: https://thesmilemorestore.com/
  • Favorite Color: Blue
  • Favorite Drink: G FUEL
  • As a high school student, he was a Goth fan and dressed in Goth style.
  • Atwood also has another YouTube channel, “Sketch Empire,” that aired episodes based on sketch pranks.

Roman Atwood, YouTube prankster, is a 38 years old YouTube Vlogger who shot to fame with his channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs”. He hailed from Ohio and was born and brought up in Ohio. Roman, born Roman Bernard Atwood, was born on May 28, 1983. He was the second-born child of Curt Atwood and Susan Atwood. His family owns a small rope factory in Ohio, and he used to work there before his YouTube career.

At present, he is married to Brittney Smith-Atwood. They tied the knot recently after a long courtship of more than ten years. They have been together since 2008. He and Brittany met in 2008 at a common friend’s wedding. He has two sons with him.

He also has another son Noah with his previous wife, Shanna Riley, whom he divorced in 2008. His family also has two cats, Nitro and Tux, a fog Flash, and a donkey, “Empire.”

With two channels and nearly 5 million viewers, he is one of the most sought-after bloggers in the world.

Roman Atwood’s YouTube career

This 38-year-old YouTube personality started his channel “RomanAtwood” in 2006 with a unique concept of making prank videos. His channel got its momentum in 2012 when his video “Cops get owned- Epic Pee Prank” became viral. In this video, his friend and fellow You tuber Dennis Roady pretends to urinate in public in the presence of a group of police.

His funny and humorous take on modern life and pranks got the interest of YouTube users across the globe. This resulted in a massive success for him, and he became one of the most successful YouTube stars of the decade. In 2014, he got 1 million YouTube viewers.

His prank channel got 10.4 million viewers and subscribers with an average view of 1.4 billion. He got a diamond YouTube play button due to the massive success of his channel. Interestingly, Roman is the second YouTuber who managed to get this coveted prize after German Garmendia. This channel is closed since 2016, and at present, he uploads videos in a new channel, “Roman Atwood Vlogs.”

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 In 2013, he stated that he wanted to do something different than these prank videos and shifted focus on family vlogging. Like his previous channel, this one also got him a diamond play button. In this new channel, he uploads half-hour-long videos of his daily life. Often his partner his sons are on these videos. Roman Atwood YouTube prankster still uploads a few prank videos on this new channel involving his family members. His new channel got more than 15.4 million subscribers and 5.3 billion views on his new channel.

One of the most viewed pranks on his channel featured his son. Roman transformed his living room into a massive ball pit. In this prank video, he was seen playing the role of a killer and aiming towards his son with a blowing–up ATV. Interestingly enough, his partner Brittney scolded the father and son duo from the background. This video offered a simple yet humorous take on regular US family life. Atwood has managed to blend both modern style pranks and his family life effectively in his videos, and fans eagerly wait to watch his videos regularly.

 The hiatus

Atwood’s fans started to get anxious when he suddenly stopped uploading videos on his YouTube channel in 2020. In addition, he stopped communicating on social media accounts also. Naturally, this raised a lot of concern among people, and they were asking about the well-being of their favorite star.

On August 18, 2020, he uploaded a video, “We Will Never Recover,” and vaguely said that he and his family needed some personal space and were expecting a child together.

After a long hiatus on January 23, 2021, Roman then again uploaded another video to offer a sound explanation to his fans about his long absence from social media. But unfortunately, he caught the attention of some crazy stalker, and the whole case landed in the hands of the FBI.

In his video “We Will Never Recover,” he had revealed that his personal life was in turmoil, and his family needed to get away from YouTube due to some serious security issues. In his words” We still technically shouldn’t be posting,… There’s some absolute craziness happening behind the scenes in our lives.“

We Will Never Recover

But he assured his fans about his well-being by saying, “We’re all healthy, all of us. […] As soon as we’re able to tell the story, you’ll be the first to know.”

His wife Brittany also revealed some personal reasons, and they all needed some time off from their routine of video uploading and vlogging.

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But, Brittany said that they missed their fans and were eager to return, “We’re not getting to that yet, but we just wanna say hi, and we love you, and we miss you,”

In his video, “Forced off YouTube ” he and his wife Brittany decided to clear all the misconceptions.

Roman said in the video, “We can’t have fun and be us without making this video…this is kind of like what we’ve been dying to make for a while. I’m dying to make this video, but we have to kind of relive what’s been going on.”

As YouTube celebrities, they were on camera round the clock, which caused them a lot of trouble. In Roman’s words, YouTube became a double-edged sword for them.

He said that an unknown stalker was sending threatening messages on their phone 24/7 for a few months. That unknown person even threatened to bomb the funeral ceremony of their close relative.

Due to this, they finally called the FBI and asked for an investigation on this matter. But, as parents of four young children, they became highly concerned about the events.

 Brittney and Roman Atwood YouTube prankster also said that they were facing harassment in countless ways and were seriously under threat from unknown stalkers.

In the video, Roman revealed, “This is like a fraction of what they’re doing,” Roman continued. “They’ve done everything from getting into our life, they’ve gotten in our vehicles, shutting them on and off, to [setting off] the alarm in our house. They turned the power off in this home in the middle of winter.”

Since they collaborated with different companies, the stalkers also tried to damage those companies. Roman also revealed that they had to call each organization to personally tell them about their situation.

He also said that he was forced for security reasons, “The only thing we could do was shut down and make sure that our kids are safe.”

They also tried to change their number, but the stalkers continued to harass them even on their new numbers, resulting in the entry of the FBI.

Roman said that since they could not identify the stalkers, the best solution was to ask experts for help. He also added that his family was under constant surveillance after the FBI took the case.

He believes that the stalkers might have bigger motives and said, “I think that there’s a bigger story to come, but this is at least our way to move on,”

He thanked the FBI for their assistance and assured his fans that he would return.

At the end of the video, Atwood declared, “There is light at the end of this tunnel….”Please, let’s get back to having fun… “Here’s to a fresh start.”

Roman Atwood’s career besides YouTube

Besides being a YouTube personality, Roman Atwood is also a director and an entrepreneur. He and his friend Roady and a fellow YouTuber, Vitaly Zdorobetskiy, collaborated in 2016 to release a feature film, “Natural Born Pranksters ‘. He was co-writer, co-director, and co-actor in this movie.

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As an international influencer, top companies like G Fuel esports energy drink brand, Scott toilet paper, and Nissan have sponsored with him as well.

In 2013, he also started a merchandise line, “Smile More,” to spread positivity with his videos and ideas. He opened “The Smile More Store” which sells t-shirts, glasses, hoodies, water bottles, temporary tattoos, toys. Since 2019, he shifted his store to an e-store and sold his merchandise through The Smile More Store website.

He acted in a few Hollywood movies as well. In 2014, he featured in sketches of the group Bad Weather Films.

Atwood and his friend Yousef “Fiusey ” Erakat came together to produce a live show, “Roman Vs. Fousey ” in 2016. They two featured as opponents to win the title of the ultimate prankster with different on-stage challenges. The duo toured through Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, San Diego, and Los Angeles. They also traveled to the UK and Canada to shoot a few episodes. The show was entertaining with rap battles, on-stage prank challenges, and other funny antics.

Nissan hired him to produce a Super Bowl commercial in 2015. Later in 2016, he also featured in the YouTube channel of Dwayne “The Rock ” Johnson as a fictionalized version of his real-life persona. However, the most popular cameo of Atwood came in the film Airplane Mode, where he played the role of a security guard. He also produced a YouTube Red show, “Roman Atwood’s Day Dreams in 2017 for YouTube.

He also wrote a tell-all book, “Will Work for Smiles,” from Gallery Press. This book discloses his life from a family with a small rope factory in Ohio to an International YouTube personality.

Do you know that he also has a game app? His app is among the top free games available in the Apple App Store. Roman Atwood, the prankster, created this app SMILE with the theme of getting corporate jobs and other similar activities. Players can play different characters in this game, including his two sons, Noah and Kane. The game also allows its users to play in the downloadable content.

Nominations and awards

  • 2014- nominations for 4th Annual Streamy Awards(Best in the Pranks category)
  • 2015- winner,  5th Annual Streamy Awards( category: best brand)
  • 2016- Winner, Best YouTube comedian,  8th the  Streamy Awards

If you are interested to know more, you can visit his YouTube channel “RomanAtwoodVlogs” or even drop by his website to check out some cool merch from the “Smile More Brand.”

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