Everything We Know About Shadow and Bone Season 3

Everything We Know About Shadow and Bone Season 3

The second installment of “Shadow and Bone” (“Shadow and Bone” in English) arrived on Netflix on March 16 and fans of this fantasy story were able to devour the new episodes as if it were a Volcra. For this reason, they are looking forward to what else this magical universe has to show in a possible season 3.

The eight new episodes of the Netflix series continue with the adaptation of the books by Leigh Bardugo. On this occasion, the novels “Siege and Storm”, “Ruin and Rising” and some elements of “Crooked Kingdom” have been staged. Considering that the main trilogy ended in those volumes, fans wonder if the novels will be adapted. stories of the rest of the characters that star in “King of Scars” or “Six of Crows”.

Before continuing, watch the trailer for season 2 of “Shadow and Bone” here.

Will “Shadow and Bone” Have a Season 3?

Until At the moment, Netflix has not given an official confirmation about the renewal of “Shadow and Bone” with a third season. Not all is lost, since a short time has elapsed since its premiere and they may be waiting a little longer to make the final decision, as they have done before.

All they need is the green light from the streaming giant, since the creator of the series, Eric Heisserer, seems more than willing to continue his work. a season 3 and it will take more or less the same time as to launch the second installment. Taking that as a reference, the new episodes could take two years to arrive, that is, at the beginning of 2025 approximately.

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What Would “Shadow and Bone” Season 3 Be About?

Everything We Know About Shadow and Bone Season 3

Considering that the season 2 finale was different from what was presented in the books, we may continue with new adventures of Alina and Mal in subsequent deliveries. While in the original work, they end up together in the orphanage where they grew up, the series decided that they go their separate ways, although they can always meet again.

Similarly, the Crows are expected to return with more adventures, especially after becoming some of the audience’s favorite characters. However, we can’t really predict which path they will take, due to the creative changes made to the show.

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