everything we know about the new movie by Tom Hanks and the director of Game of Thrones

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Hand in hand with Apple TV +, Tom Hanks prepares for a new adventure in science fiction. Before the end of the year, this production will arrive, of which its advance was announced this week.

everything we know about the new movie by Tom Hanks and the director of Game of Thrones


© IMDbThe film will be released in November.

Tom Hanks he’s set to be back in the movie starring role, and his first trailer was released this week. Is about Finch, production that before the end of the year, on November 5, will reach the platform Apple TV+. The Argentine will be in the director’s chair Miguel Sapochnik, in what will be his second feature film after a long and award-winning experience in the world of television.

On Finch, the protagonist is one of the last survivors of an apocalypse that devastated the Earth. As he seeks to move on and, perhaps, get someone to save him, the main character is accompanied by his faithful friend: a dog who immediately brings to mind the dynamics of I’m legend Come in Will Smith and his can. But this time, there will be an extra spice: an android.

Throughout the days that pass after the beginning of the end of the world, Finch he will use all his ingenuity to create a robot. Of course, it will not be just any robot and it will begin to develop its artificial intelligence to accompany and help the protagonist throughout the journey. With the name Jeff, the voice was provided by the actor Caleb Landry Jones, who could be seen in works such as Get Out O Three Ads for a Crime.

The film was going to be released in theaters, but the pandemic forced the producers Amblin Entertainment, Reliance Entertainment and Walden Media to look for an alternative distribution that he found from the hand of Apple TV+. Lora Martínez-Cunningham and Marie Wagenman They complete the cast of main artists. On the side of Sapochnik, beyond being his second film, in his repertoire is one of the best episodes of Game of Thrones: that of The Battle of the Bastards, for which he won a Emmy.

Tom Hanks and a busy filming schedule

For Tom Hanks, Finch it will be one of the many productions in his professional future. According to your profile IMDb, there are five more films on the way, of which two are already in post-production, one is in the middle of filming and the other two have not started to be worked on. Among them is the remake of the Swedish film A man called Ove.

What’s more, Hanks will appear in the next movie of Wes Anderson of which not much information has yet been given (especially since it still remains to be released The French Dispatch). But if it is about expected titles, the one that stands out is the one that will tell the life of Elvis presley, where he will put himself in the skin of the colonel Tom Parker, considered the person who discovered the talented musician.

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