Everything we know about The White Lotus 2, the best series of 2021

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The production created by Mike White for HBO Max earned the opportunity to make a new season thanks to the great reviews it received. The original plan was to only do 6 episodes.

At least one star would have already confirmed to participate again in the second season.
© IMDbAt least one star would have already confirmed to participate again in the second season.

The White Lotus It was one of the great series that left 2021 (for some, even the best). The fiction created by Mike White for HBO Max It was launched with the intention of only developing a season of six episodes, but the reception was so good that they decided to extend it and present a new installment. In recent days, the presentations of some of the members who will join the cast have begun to be confirmed, so we invite you to review everything that is known about this story.

The first news linked to the series of HBO Max in terms of cast was associated with the arrival of a former star of The Sopranos. Michael Imperioli was confirmed to be part of this second season, where he will play Dominic Di Grasso, a man on the road with his elderly father and his son, who has just graduated from university. It was then reported that Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Recreation) will be the one that gives life to Harper Player, a woman who will stay with his wife and children.

Of the rest of the actors, it is believed that only Jennifer Coolidge, who gave life to Tanya McQuoid, could be added in this second season. The idea would be to tell a completely new story that focuses both on other characters and on another of the many luxury resorts that are part of the hotel chain. If so, this decision would give them the possibility of making infinite seasons focused on varied exotic places.

the grace of The White Lotus It was based on exposing the miseries and problems that people from the upper class with a lot of purchasing power have. Money does not make happiness for them but without a doubt they will do everything possible to show off their purchasing power and show themselves as the most perfect beings that have ever stepped foot on planet Earth.

Who is Mike White, the creator of The White Lotus

A Mike White he was named countless times in recent months, thanks to the success he had The White Lotus, series created by him. If you are wondering who this filmmaker is and where he came from, you will be surprised by the extensive curriculum he has, where Dawson’s Creek It was one of his first jobs. But when it comes to known materials, the films he made with Jack Black are the most famous: he was a screenwriter for School of Rock and of free nacho, and in the first of the two he even had a small role as Ned Snowbly the music teacher friend of Dewey (Black) who is summoned at school and whose place ends up being occupied by the protagonist.

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