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Everything you need to know about the Champions League 2020-21

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is a world-class football tournament that holds annually. It is organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). Essentially, the competition comprises top-division European clubs. The winner is decided through a group stage performance and then a knockout format.

Most football lovers don’t miss the UCL for any reason, just like basketball lovers, check out this link. They prefer to watch the UCL because of the varieties of players and teams that compete. Top teams go head-to-head against each league across Europe, making the competition challenging and entertaining for fans and event organizers.  

The football tournament was introduced in 1955 and has since had a beautiful run all these years. Now, the Champions League has returned for another season with the group stage already done with. Four teams are in the semi-finals, and we would soon be on our way to Istanbul for the final. As usual, the final stage is a single match played on a neutral field.

The 2020/21 Edition of the UCL

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2019/2020 winners

Unfortunately, Bayern Munich is already out of the competition. They were unable to defend the title as last year’s winners. The likes of Liverpool, Manchester City, PSG were stern resistance. Interestingly, four new teams made their debut at the UCL. Krasnodar, Rennes, Istanbul Basakesehir, and Midtjylland made it to the UCL for the very first time, which is a good history for them.

Although Bayern Munich could scale through their group A, they were later knocked out by group H favorites, PSG. At that point, fans became aware that the German giants would not make it a double in two years.

Where and When would the 2020/21 Finals be played?

This season final would be played on a good Friday, May 29, 2021. Essentially, the match is slated to kick off at 8 pm BST. Also, the final would be held in Istanbul at the Ataturk Olympic Stadium. This stadium is the home of the Turkish national team. The last time UEFA used this venue was in 2005 when Liverpool made a miraculous comeback to defeat Italian giant AC Milan.

Who would make the final?

The semi-finals would resume this week Tuesday as Manchester City would be playing host to PSG. Hopefully, the team would maintain their away goal advantage as the home side would only need a draw to make it to the final.

However, the UCL has seen countless moments of a comeback. We can’t completely write off PSG from the final yet. Unfortunately, the team would need to work twice as hard to make it to the final because of their defeat at home. Again, it would not be a good idea because they would be playing at the Etihad Stadium.

On Wednesday, Los Blancos would be visiting Stamford Bridge. Their last encounters on the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium saw the blues holding the Spanish giants to a draw. The match is still very much undecided as the pendulum could swing in any direction on Wednesday night. It is left for both teams to put in the very best on the night. Right now, we cannot give an accurate prediction of what is likely to go on at Stamford Bridge.

Interestingly, we can conclude that this week would help decide who goes to the final. Again, we are expecting to see high-quality football on Tuesday and Wednesday. No true football fan would want to miss this week’s semifinals. We recommend reading our review of visa betting sites should you choose to place a bet on the UCL semis.

Let’s take a stand

Here, we would make a decision. We do not advise you to take this decision in placing a bet. We are not saying we are 100% correct with the choice we would be making here. Also, we do not take the blame if the decision goes wrong if you decide to follow our tip.

For the finals at Istanbul, it is most likely that Manchester City would defeat the French giants, PSG. PSG would be going against an experienced side coached by Pep Guardiola. It is unlikely that the match would go in their favor given the outcome of the first leg in Paris.

Since the departure of Frank Lampard, Chelsea Manager Thomas Tuchel has had an impressive run with the team. However, we expect the Spanish giants to play with much experience as their captain might be returning from injury. Zinedine Zidane expects both Sergio Ramos and Raphael Verane to be fit before Wednesday clash with the blues.

Zinedine Zidane’s men have a lot of work to put in if they intend to reach the UCL final. The return of these two key players would be very instrumental in how the games go. However, we expect that the Spanish giants would conquer the blues on Wednesday.

In conclusion, the 66th UEFA champions’ league final teams would be decided this week. It would help if you placed bets based on logical decisions rather than being emotional about it. Professional bettors create specific strategies to keep their emotional side away because it could cost them the bet.

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