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Ex-Friend Sues Kevin Hart Over Mishandled Sex Tape Apology

Ex-Friend Sues Kevin Hart Over Mishandled Sex Tape Apology
Julio Cesar Chavez/Reuters

Kevin Hart’s sex tape saga is making headlines again as his former friend, Jonathan “J.T.” Jackson, filed a lawsuit against him on Wednesday. Jackson claims that Hart violated their $12 million contract through an improvised public apology on Instagram, instead of following a “meticulously negotiated” scripted apology. The contract stipulated that Hart should publicly clear Jackson’s name regarding accusations which have since been dismissed, alleging that Jackson attempted to extort Hart.

In 2017, an anonymous Instagram user demanded $5 million from Hart to keep a video of him engaging in intimate acts with model Montia Sabbag from going public. At the time, Hart was married to his then-pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish. Hart initially accused Jackson of being involved in the extortion attempt. However, the two later reconciled, reaching an agreement requiring Hart to read from a pre-approved apology letter.

Jackson contends that Hart’s unscripted apology, along with Hart addressing the incident in his Netflix docuseries Don’t F**K This Up, has continued to cause him reputational damage. Jackson further claims that the fallout from this incident has severely impacted his career as an actor and professional bowler.

Source: Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast