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Ex-'Howard Stern Show' Star Elisa Jordana Guilty of Battery

Ex-‘Howard Stern Show’ Star Elisa Jordana Guilty of Battery


Pleads Guilty to Battery …
Mental Health Eval Ordered

Elisa Jordana is putting her legal troubles behind her. She has copped a plea in her battery case, but officials will take a look at her mental health as part of the deal.

The former ‘Howard Stern Show’ star took a plea deal back in May, receiving 12 months probation, 45 hours of community service, anger management courses, and a small fine.

The judge also ordered Jordana to undergo a mental health evaluation and receive any treatment the evaluator recommends.

If she successfully completes the probation, this will close the book on Jordana’s legal saga, which began in early April when, during a live stream, she and Bahram Alipour, her then-fiancé, got into a physical altercation with Jordana hitting him multiple times.

Eventually, Alipour grabbed Jordana by the hair and threw her out of the car. When cops arrived, they took statements, watched the video, and arrested and booked Elisa for simple domestic battery.

EJ apologized for her actions at the time but later spoke to us and blamed the whole situation on Bahram, saying she got upset because she caught him cheating and he got way more violent than she did.

She claims the live stream that captured the brawl saved her life because she thinks Alipour may have killed her if the camera wasn’t on.

We reached out to Jordana, who tells TMZ, “I have felt a lot of beautiful support from people, and I appreciate getting another chance at life because I was terrified by that situation. Everything I was told to do by the court has helped me, I am working again, and I feel very hopeful for the future.”

Source: TMZ