“Ex-Lover Criticizes Boris Becker: Inside the Raging Controversy”

Boris Becker Criticized by Ex-Wife for Selfish Behavior

Boris Becker’s ex-wife, Lily Becker, has publicly shared her opinion about the former tennis star and criticized him for being selfish. The couple shares a 13-year-old son named Amadeus, but Lily claims that Boris only thinks about himself.

Becker previously served eight months of a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, but according to Lily, the experience did not change him at all. She told the Daily Mail that Boris continues to have a “constant flow of Me, Me, Me” attitude.

Lily went on to mention an interview that Boris did on German television when he was released from prison. She claimed that he was crying and that the tears were fake as he talked about his experience behind bars. She also questioned whether he had been taking acting lessons while in prison.

Lily was further disappointed by the way Boris has spoken about their marriage in interviews, stating that she feels he does not appreciate the mess she had to clean up after him. She claims that he has never thanked her for it and has even mocked her in interviews.

Finally, Lily expressed her disappointment in Boris for talking openly about his new girlfriend, while their shared son is barely mentioned. She feels that Boris only cares about himself and that he should have learned more about co-parenting while in prison.

In summary, Boris Becker’s ex-wife has voiced her disagreement about the former tennis star’s selfish behavior. Although it is unclear where things are going, the ex-wife continues to co-parent their child while criticizing Boris’ attitude publicly.

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