Ex of Activision: "People don’t realize the work behind a Call of Duty"

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Every year there is a new Call of Duty on the market. The next title has not yet been officially announced, but we know that it will not miss its annual appointment. With so many video games behind them, the work of developers is often looked down upon, or at least that’s the opinion of Glen Schofield, a former Activision employee who served as a director on titles like Modern Warfare 3, Advanced Warfare, and WWII. The statements were made in an interview published in EDGE magazine, where he stressed that people are not aware of what it costs to launch a product with these characteristics.

“People nowadays [piensa] that Call of Duty is … you know, put it in the grinder and another game will be released, “he said. “They don’t realize how much work goes into creating a Call of Duty title. There are a lot of documentation”. The creative remembers that they work together with experts: “I studied World War II for three years. I have collaborated with historians and spent eight days in a van around Europe, going to the places where the game takes place. I shot different old guns, all these things you have to do when you’re working on a Call of Duty game. “

The importance of documentation

According to Schofield, the creative process for Advanced Warfare was equally intense. To become experts, they learned the tactics directly from the Navy SEALS and the Delta Force. “You have to learn about the Special Forces of different countries like the United Kingdom, France, Spain or Italy”, because all this “will be in the game.” He argues the need for continuous learning, reading and watching videos on the subject, without forgetting the experts.

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Another interesting aspect that the interview reveals is that there were competitiveness between the different studies Call of Duty managers. “You want all Call of Duty to do well, but you always want [que el tuyo] get better grades and better sales if you can. ” However, he also points out that they also help each other. “We were kind of a Call of Duty brotherhood.”

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