Exact date confirmed on which Deathloop exclusivity ends on PS5

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If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend taking a look (below) at the 9 minutes of gameplay from Deathloop which were revealed yesterday in the latest PlayStation State of Play. However, this advance it was not the only important information that was revealed about the game. In fact, the exact time during which Bethesda game will be exclusive to PS5: one year from launch.

Therefore, it is confirmed that delays did not influence that “deadline” date of exclusivity, because it depends on the launch. Something important, considering that in the past it was said that it would be one year, but without specifying that. In short, Deathloop It will be able to reach other consoles from September 14, 2022. Remember that the title will also be released on PC on September 14, 2021.

As reported Gamingbolt, the date has been revealed through an image at the end of the trailer (with small print, as you can see below). On the other hand, this is something that, in the past, has also allowed us doubting if a game would come out on PC, other than on PS5. It happened with FF XVI, although Square Enix said that “I had no more information” about.

On the other hand, and although things may be different depending on the game, we wouldn’t be surprised if the exact same thing happened with GhostWire: Tokyo. Basically, because Sony and Bethesda already confirmed in the past that the exclusivity would also be one year. And therefore surely the same rule will apply: from launch.

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As for Deathloop himself, we remind you that recently we got to see a lot about Arkane’s promising game. And in this article we tell you everything you need to know about the game. And if you are still not sure what the game is about, in this video the director tells you explains exactly what its structure consists of.

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