Excalibur. In Search of Captain Britain

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After the great war between Krakoa and Arakko, Excalibur It is faced with the situation of not having a Captain Britain. Now a member of the restored new captains corps will have to be named leader, and the title fight may be worse than the search for Betsy Braddock.

Tini Howard continues with her series, the only one that combines magic with mutants, and in its journey it continues to be one of the most interesting series, and at least relevant within the new era of the mutant franchise. The disappearance of Captain Britain during the X saga of swords and her recovery will focus the new saga, which will last only three issues, in which they led the final change in which we will see the new form of Elizabeth Braddock, the bearer current of Captain Britania’s mantle.

The search will begin with quite a few problems including appearances such as the X Factor, the mutant research group, a walk through Otromundo, the reunion with Captain Avalon, new incarnation of Brian Braddock, with the other captains of the Britannia Captain Corps, and about all with new difficulties how Saturnine Moon Opal can be and his intention not to recover his former captain. The group will seek to recover the spirit, the essence of the Mental Butterfly character with the help of the one who once shared his soul with Betsy’s, Kwanon. An odyssey for the group, in which above all, he tries to find the soul of this group that seems much more separated from the world of mutants.

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Howard keeps the pulse on the series, interesting, fun and certainly one of the most notable in this new wave of titles from the hands of Jonathan Hickman. Nothing that has happened has been random and little by little we have seen how the group has been coming together, and gaining a lot from the old series from which it collects the title, especially the union with other worlds, which in this case is very important. Otherworld is also part of the mutant inheritance through this series and its invasion by Arakko made it even more crucial. There are many things from the work of Chris Claremont and Alan Davis that emerge in this new incarnation that Tini Howard has forged for more than a year now. And currently the way to the gala of Hellfire Club it can be very important to the group. Since the Bradocks have been a part of this club for a long time, they have helped its formation and in this case, the Hellfire Corporation company has changed a lot for the new mutant nation. But inside all this Howard continues to maintain a very fixed idea and that is that Excalibur despite having a relationship exist and coexist with the rest of the mutants, is the magical series of the franchise and therefore does not have to share accounts or problem. Fact that is physically remarkable since they live in one of the few sites outside Krakoa of importance, such as the lighthouse in England

The graphic section is still powerful and full of beauty. Marcus TO is comfortable and is giving everything, and for the taste of the subscriber, he is gradually becoming one of the most beautiful illustrators of Marvel, being effective especially with his clear line, perfectly fitting in with a fantastic color that enhances the mystical effect, to increase and enhance your capacity for action. It is true that it may be a very clear line which could prevent you from using it for another type of drawing but in Excalibur it works like a real shot. Marcus To is capable of creating new worlds and mixing what is fantasy with some science fiction, a little this time. but above all that strange world that is the mutant franchise.

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In no time in the new in the Hellfire club party, the next saga will begin, which is going to be important since it will finally continue what it started in Powers and Dynasty of X, Hickman’s great master plan that has taken a longer One year to go will bring changes for other groups. But in the inevitable mutant future, Excalibur being the magical group, perhaps it has much more to do than others, since they are the bridge to be able to get out of one dimension to another that is being aggressive towards mutants in recent times.

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