“Exclusive: Brad Pitt to Take the Wheel at Formula 1 British Grand Prix 2021”

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Brad Pitt to have a car in Formula 1: A Mercedes adapted for filming

Brad Pitt, the renowned American actor, will be joining other drivers of the British Grand Prix in having a car in Formula 1 adapted for filming. The Mercedes team will be responsible for altering the car, fitting it with cameras that can capture any shot to be included in the upcoming film.

The film, which does not yet have a title, was confirmed back in 2022 and will be produced by Apple Studios. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, who was behind the filming of “Top Gun Maverick,” the movie will follow the life of a retired pilot who decides to compete again with a rookie.

Lewis Hamilton, the famed F1 driver who has had more contact with the film’s producers in an advisory capacity, explains that he is currently working with the team to ensure authenticity in the film. He mentioned that he is unaware of many of the planned filming details, but his focus is on ensuring the script is accurate.

“I absolutely do not know all the plans with all the things we will do in the paddock, I am more focused on making sure that the script is where it needs to be. That’s where he’s at all the time right now, going over the script. We have a very good and diverse cast. Joe’s goal is to make us as integrated as possible in this sport. For me, it’s making sure it’s authentic, that all of you and motorsport fans see its authenticity and say ‘this is credible,'” said Hamilton.

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With a star-studded cast, including Brad Pitt in a cameo role, the upcoming film is highly anticipated by motorsport fans and fans of Brad Pitt’s career.

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