“Exclusive: Carla Barber Takes First Couple Pose with Boyfriend Carlos Rubí”

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Carla Barber has been in a sweet personal moment since her painful breakup with Josep, the father of her two children. She has once again felt butterflies in her stomach with Carlos Rubí, an attractive 37-year-old plastic surgeon with roots from Bilbao and a resident of Mallorca.

Little by little, Carla and Carlos are taking steps that strengthen their relationship. They recently enjoyed a beautiful getaway to Morocco and, for the first time, posed together as boyfriends. Carlos shared a tender photograph on her public profile in which he hugs the model, who cannot hide the smile on her face, and gives her a compliment, calling her the “sun of Marrakech.”

The couple has been building complicity for years, as before dating, they were friends. Carla revealed in an exclusive interview with ¡HOLA! that she already knew all of Carlos’s family and friends.

Carla and Carlos are at a similar vital point, as they are both parents. The biggest concern of the former Survivor contestant is her two little ones, Bastián and Bosco. Carla has full custody of her two precious babies and takes care of everything. She is also considering leaving her life in Madrid behind to settle in the Canary Islands for the well-being of her children.

Carla is a single mother who is all about seeking happiness above all else. She sends a message of strength to all women who are in the same situation. If you are fine, your children will be too. Despite the difficult time she is going through, Carla manages to combine motherhood with her busy work schedule. Her family is always by her side to support her in everything she does.

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