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“Exclusive: Embark on an Unseen Parisian Adventure with Gigi Hadid”

Gigi Hadid’s Busy Schedule in the Fashion Industry

Gigi Hadid’s schedule is one of the busiest in the fashion industry, encompassing fashion shows, award ceremonies, business meetings, and television appearances. After so many years following every step she takes, we think we know everything about the model, but the truth is that, on her day, much more happens than what we read about her in the press or on social networks.

This was demonstrated by the publication of some unpublished photographs that summarize his last week of work in the French capital: “… A little bit of how much was done in Paris this week ✔️ ❣️ .. Thank you all xx 🥐”, wrote the Bella’s sister in the description.

Gigi Hadid’s Marathon in Paris

With these images, we delve into the busy routine of the American, who epitomized elegance dressed in head-to-toe black for her jury appearance at the ANDAM Fashion Awards 2023. Representing the brand Chloé, she opted for an asymmetrical draped-knit top with an over-the-shoulder gold chain detail, pants satin bell-bottoms, pointed black pumps, oval sunglasses, and the small Penelope bag, by Chloé.

As a member of the jury, Gigi was also in charge of presenting the award to the winner of the Grand Prix of the ANDAM Fashion Awards 2023, Frenchman Louis-Gabriel Nouchi. Her name may ring a bell because she often looks for references in novels that explore taboo subjects to transform them into highly sophisticated clothing items. With his transgressive vision, Nouchi has managed to retain a clientele in which we find the actor Lucas Bravo, star of Emily in Paris.

Inspire Her Followers with a Natural Selfie

To record that, like us, she can suffer the effects of some unwanted pimples in times of stress or a lot of work, the model added her snapshot to the carousel more natural, where she appears fresh out of the shower. Given the curiosity of his followers about the treatment he follows to mitigate acne, he clarified in the comments: “Take the advice of a dermatologist over mine, but when I have nothing else, while I travel, my mom taught me to use pasta! of teeth! 😁😆”.

The Details of Jacquemus’s Parade in Versailles

Simon Porte Jacquemus fulfilled a dream these days when he held his long-awaited parade, baptized Le Chouchou, in the Palace of Versailles itself, a site of historical interest that humanity associates with the grandeur and waste of French absolutism and, of course, its most remembered character, Queen Marie Antoinette. All the guests watched the show from the waters of the Parc de Versailles while the models walked on a red carpet on land, right in front of them.

A Friendship Beyond the Catwalks

Gigi was in charge of opening Jacquemus’s show, wearing only a lingerie set white with transparent lace nightgown, which gives a modern twist to the intimate clothing of Rococo courtesans. But she was not the only top that caught our attention during the show: Kendall Jenner paid an ode to Diana of Wales wearing a pompous white dress.

They are great friends, so it is not surprising that they emanate an unusual complicity between professional colleagues. Now, Bella’s sister reveals to us with a beautiful image this small detail that we had not been able to appreciate: her hands held by the little finger as a sign of union.

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