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“Exclusive Insight: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s Intense Legal Battle for Château Miraval Revealed”

New and Surprising Details Emerge in the Legal Dispute Over Château Miraval

The legal dispute over Château Miraval, the French castle and estate owned by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and valued at 140 million euros, continues to make headlines. The couple bought the thirty hectares of vineyard surrounding the mansion in 2008 for around 25 million euros and became a 50-50 owner of the property, as well as their winemaking company. However, since their separation in 2016, they have been fighting over the custody of their six children and the properties they co-own.

Angelina Jolie Sells Her Share of Château Miraval

Vanity Fair magazine’s special correspondent Mark Seal recently reported that Jolie and Pitt managed to reach an agreement in 2021, in which he would buy half of the business from her. However, the deal did not go through, as Pitt tried to include a confidentiality agreement that prohibited Jolie from speaking publicly about the dispute. Jolie refused to sign the deal and accused Pitt of “arrogance.”

The Real Problem: Jolie’s Sale of Her Share to a Russian Oligarch

The real problem began when Jolie sold her share to the Russian oligarch Yuri Shefler, and Pitt accused her of treason. He sued Jolie for wanting to “inflict him gratuitous harm” by selling her share of the Château Miraval to a stranger “with poisonous associations and intent.” According to Brad, Jolie had failed to share her intentions with him after they made a “mutual and binding commitment” to the business and agreed not to sell without each other’s permission. However, Jolie says that “there was never such an arrangement.”

What Happened on the Day of the Flight from Nice to Los Angeles?

The tensions between the couple began to surface in 2015, a year after they were married. On the day of the flight from Nice, France, to Los Angeles, which included a refueling stop in Minnesota, Pitt was “drinking quite a bit.” Gary Bradbury, the couple’s head of security, revealed that in the 15 years he worked with Pitt, he never saw him intoxicated. However, on that day, the confrontation got out of hand. Pitt apologized and acknowledged that he had crossed the line.

Château Miraval, Home to Renowned Rosé and Sparkling Wines

Château Miraval is home to some of the world’s most renowned rosé and sparkling wines, which until their separation bore the name Jolie-Pitt on the label, under the appellations of origin Coteaux Varois and Côtes de Provence. The legal battle over this property continues to this day, with the French authorities investigating the business.

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