“Exclusive insights: Daniela, Julieta, Nacho and ‘Tora’ reveal the secrets behind their streaming cycle debut”

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Fuera de joda: Big Brother’s Quartet Delights Fans on Streaming Platforms

During the six months of Big Brother’s journey, Daniela Celis, Julieta Poggio, Lucila Villar “La Tora,” and Nacho Castañares became fan favorites. After the show ended, the affection of fans followed them, and now, the quartet is hosting Fuera de joda, a program that is streamed on different platforms.

Before the debut, the nerves are palpable as the technical team fine-tunes the details minutes before the show starts. Fuera de joda offers an intimate atmosphere, different from the massive TV studios, making the show more personal.

“We understand each other with a glance. We talk about everything, and the team is very nice,” says Venganiela, as the quartet sits at the table, ready to start.

Julieta trusts authenticity and transparency, which was the identity of the Big Brother program, adding that it’s a value she never wants to lose. Their audience actively engages with them through the chat on Twitch and YouTube, making the show more interactive.

Based on the first broadcast, it’s clear that Fuera de joda knows how to develop a clear signature. The streaming package allows the group to chat with the same freshness as in Big Brother, but from another angle. The group discussed what going through reality meant to them or their advantage of doing a streaming cycle, unlike conventional TV.

The quartet is happy to have over 20,000 followers who attended the live broadcast. This number is significant and signifies that the public is still interested in watching the little brothers. Slowly but surely, the four of them are leaving the shadow of the house behind and establishing themselves as independent figures, thanks to the show.

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Fuera de joda has many future plans that include surprise guests, sections, and columns, but what sets the show apart from others is the chemistry between the four hosts. Daniela says they had only a one-hour rehearsal, and that’s why everything flows organically.

Julieta knows that streaming is the new TV, and the younger generation is the most interested in streaming. Fuera de joda is an exciting new proposal to engage with fans of the reality show.

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