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Exclusive Interview with Executives Ricardo Carbonero and Maria J. Rodríguez

During a star-studded Prime Video Presents event held in Madrid, the Amazon-owned streaming platform made a significant announcement. They revealed plans to release two of their upcoming original features, “Hildegart” and “Sigue mi voz,” in cinemas over the next few months, with more theatrical distributions planned for the future.

After the event, Ricardo Carbonero, Director of Prime Video in Spain and Portugal, and Maria José Rodríguez, Head of Spanish Originals at Amazon Studios, spoke with Variety. They discussed their flexible approach to film and series distribution, evolving from a loss leader to a subscription driver, and current market trends in Spain.

Rodríguez shared her thoughts on the current state of theatrical distribution. She believes it’s an exciting time with many new opportunities. The strategy at Prime Video involves an open-minded approach, looking at what works best for each film and the talent involved. Theatrical releases provide several benefits, including better marketing campaigns and conveying confidence in the films.

Despite a general pessimism surrounding theatrical distribution, Prime Video remains committed to expanding in this area. This decision aligns with their philosophy of adapting based on individual project needs. The strategic shift aims to elevate the brand and offer quality content to subscribers.

When asked about content production levels, Rodríguez noted that Prime Video in Spain has always focused on quality over quantity. This ensures that every project finds its place on the platform without oversaturating the market. Interestingly, the number of feature films has grown, contrary to the industry trend of scaling back.

Carbonero emphasized the importance of distinctive productions that enhance the brand and drive subscriptions. Collaborations with notable partners have been essential in achieving this, focusing not on volume but on impactful originals that capture the audience’s attention.

Prime Video in Spain has shifted from a supplementary service to a primary driver of subscriptions. Initially, the goal was to enhance the appeal of Prime memberships by adding a video streaming service. Now, many subscribers join primarily for Prime Video, with other services like free shipping and Prime Music being added bonuses.

Rodríguez and Carbonero further discussed Prime Video’s adaptable distribution strategy. They prioritize each project’s unique needs and opportunities, making decisions based on what best serves the content. This approach aligns with Amazon’s broader culture of innovation and customer-focused solutions.

Current trends in Spain, as highlighted by Rodríguez, include a strong performance of comedy and thriller genres. Thrillers, in particular, have the advantage of appealing to international audiences. Science fiction and genre stories are also gaining popularity, with several apocalyptic titles recently announced.

The discussion concluded with insights into what makes Prime Video unique. The flexibility in their distribution methods and dedication to high-quality productions position them well in the competitive streaming landscape. By continuously adapting to the needs of their audience and the market, Prime Video aims to maintain its growth trajectory in Spain and beyond.

Source: Variety