“Exclusive Look: Behind the Scenes of Wales Princes’ Coronation in New Video”

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Prince William and Duchess Catherine

Prince William and his wife, Duchess Catherine, played a significant role in Saturday’s coronation. They portrayed an image of the unity and continuity of the British monarchy, which was a highlight of the ceremony. The couple offered the public glimpses of their personal lives throughout the day, taking care of their children and exchanging glances.

The Family Reunites

The video captured many special moments, starting with William guiding his eight-year-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, and five-year-old son, Prince Louis, from their doorstep to the waiting cars that would take them to Westminster Abbey. The video also showed the moment when the entire family reunited during the king’s procession after the religious service. Their eldest son, Jorge, had traveled separately with other honorary pages.

The Children’s Reactions

The three children are shown waving to the crowd from the float and looking astonished as they watched the air parade. These moments were highly memorable and captured the joy of the occasion.

The Princes’ Accounts

The Princes of Wales published the video on their Twitter and Instagram accounts with the caption, “What a day. Thanks to everyone who made it possible.” They also retweeted messages from the Royal Air Force that shared different images of key moments from the afternoon. The Princes closely followed the rest of the celebration from the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The Weather

Guillermo’s comment about the weather is a joke about the rain that marked his father’s coronation. Only the Red Arrows helicopters and aerobatic team were able to participate in the display organized in honor of the newly crowned kings, due to the drizzle that had been falling on the British capital since early in the morning.

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The Show

Originally, the display over The Mall and Buckingham Palace was going to last around six minutes and was scheduled to feature more than 60 aircraft from the Royal Navy, the British Army, and the Royal Air Force, all flying in different formations. Unfortunately, due to the weather conditions, the show was reduced to two and a half minutes. Nonetheless, it was still an impressive display of the Royal Air Force’s skills.

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