“Exclusive: Marco Asensio and Sandra Garal’s Pre-Wedding Hangout with Rafa Nadal Revealed”

Four Days Until “I Do” in Mallorca

There are four days left for Marcos Asensio, 27, and Sandra Garal, 25, to say “I do” in Mallorca, the soccer player’s homeland, which was the scene a week before the link between his friend Marcos Llorente and Paddy Noarbe.

A Wedding Day in Sa Fortaleza

The two chose Friday as their wedding day, but also the same setting, Sa Fortaleza, a beautiful enclave with the sea as the protagonist.

Sharing the Love for Sports

Although these days they will be finalizing the preparations for their wedding, the couple have time to make other plans on the island that have a lot to do with sports.

A Visit to Rafa Nadal’s Academy

They have been the ones who have shared several images of the visit they made to one of the best-known places in Mallorca: Rafa Nadal’s academy. Marcos Asensio and Sandra Garal with Rafa Nadal’s sister, Maribel.

Exploring Rafa Nadal’s Museum

Marcos and Sandra made the tour of the museum and visited, together with the tennis player and his sister Maribel, the facilities of the educational complex in Manacor. Rafa’s sister guided the visitors through the rooms of the museum, where the trophies won by the prestigious athlete are on display.

Thanks for the Visit

“Spectacular facilities and the museum,” wrote Asensio, thanking his hosts for the visit. Rafa Nadal, who is still recovering from an injury that keeps him away from the playing fields, was the guest of honor at the eleventh edition of Le Mans Classic last weekend, after which he returned to Mallorca.

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Countdown to the Wedding

Coincidentally, Rafa Nadal and Mery Perelló also said “I do” four years ago in the same fortress that will unite the couple on Friday, July 7. Who knows if they will have shared with them the best places to take pictures, although they themselves had the opportunity to visit them at Llorente’s wedding. The celebrations for the soccer player and the influencer will begin on Thursday, July 6, with a reception where the guests will meet, while after the big day, on Saturday the 8th, another post-wedding celebration is expected.

The Wedding Details

One of the best-kept secrets, as in any ceremony, is the wedding dress, which is only known to be designed by Rosa Clará. The bride will also wear hairpins that belong to her mother. As for the decoration, it seems that the white tulips in honor of the footballer’s Dutch roots will play a leading role. Clues that Sandra has been leaving for her big day, which will be the great culmination of a love story that lasts more than four years.

A Special Place in Mallorca

Mallorca has great meaning for both of them as it is where they are building a luxurious penthouse with sea views in Costa d’en Blanes, in Calviá. It will be safe wherever they return from Paris, where they will start a new stage after the athlete’s signing by Paris Saint-Germain. The couple thus leaves Madrid, in whose team the also player of the Spanish National Team was a member.

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