“Exclusive: Mario and Brenda Bezares open up about their decision to make their son’s paternity test results public”

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Mario and Brenda Bezares Speak Out On Their Son’s Paternity Test

Mario and Brenda Bezares have finally spoken out on why they had a paternity test done on their son Alan earlier this year to prove that he was indeed their biological child and not the result of an alleged affair between the driver’s wife and Paco Stanley.

In an interview for Venga la Alegría, Brenda explained that the reason for the test was to ensure that “not one woman is slandered and defamed” and that the entire ordeal was about “healing” and “introspection.” For Brenda, everything needed to be resolved for the “greatest good of my son.”

Mario’s wife also weighed in on the issue, stressing the fact that the test was carried out due to legal reasons and not because they had any doubts regarding Alan’s paternity. She revealed that the test was carried out in 2001 following Mario’s acquittal and that it had been notarized, meaning it couldn’t be falsified.

While Mario emphasized that the paternity test was not a result of the recent scandal, he acknowledged that he wanted his son to be “completely certain that tomorrow would be said or asked” about his origin.

Brenda concluded by saying that their son was in perfect condition, but that they wanted the comments about his origin to come to an end. “My son is a good man and all I want is for them to leave him alone,” she stated.

In conclusion, despite the pain and regret that the Bezares felt from having to get a paternity test on their son, they wanted to clarify the situation to ensure that their son had peace of mind and mental well-being.

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