“Exclusive: Olga Tañón shares intimate stories with Jorge Ramos in ‘Something Personal'”

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Celebrities have walked the runway for Algo personal con Jorge Ramos, the interview space hosted by the renowned Mexican journalist that airs on Univisión’s ViX channel. Yury, Carlos Vives, Don Francisco, Sebastián Yatra and Pepe Aguilar are among the long list of guests who have graced the show. On May 7th at 10 pm, the Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón will be joining the ranks of the prestigious guests.

Tañón is a multi-Grammy award-winning artist who has gained a massive following over her illustrious three-decade-long career. Known as “the woman of fire”, she showcases her culinary skills, dances, and chats with Ramos about the happiest and most difficult moments of her life.

In this interview, Tañón displays the spirit of resilience, strength and boundless optimism that has defined her career. She expresses, “I am going to turn 56 and I have more energy than before, more throat than before, and more desire to see people than before”.

The iconic artist also talks about one of her most beloved songs, “He is a Liar”. This song has recently been revamped with newer choirs and instrumentation and is aimed especially at the merengue-loving dancer. “He is a Liar is one of the topics that has given me the most satisfaction throughout my career,” says Tañón. “And for the men who complained that they couldn’t defend themselves, they now have space within this new proposal.”

Throughout the interview, Tañón delves into some revealing topics, such as her daughter’s fatal diagnosis at six months old, and her perspective on the politics of Cuba and Venezuela, which differs from that of many of her fans. She also opens up about the surgery that restored her health after she reached 200 kilos in weight.

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This hour-long interview is not to be missed. Something Personal with Jorge Ramos is also available On Demand in the United States and most of Latin America, except Mexico. The next episode will feature a conversation with the Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo.

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