“Exclusive: Tina Turner’s widower envisions a $76M Swiss estate transformed into a museum”

Tina Turner’s Widower Plans to Turn Swiss Property into a Museum

The $76 million Swiss property where the famous Tina Turner died may soon become a museum dedicated to her life and career. According to reports, the singer’s widower aims to display memorabilia from her career in the sprawling property consisting of 10 buildings overlooking Lake Zurich.

The property also includes a pond, a stream, a swimming pool, and a boat deck, making it an ideal location for tourists and fans to visit. The property sits in an upscale neighborhood where tennis star Roger Federer also owns a home.

Tina and her husband Erwin Bach purchased the 260,000-square-foot century-old property in 2021. It served as their waterfront retreat, and the idea of turning it into a museum is a fitting tribute to the late legend.

Apart from turning the Swiss property into a museum, a statue of Tina is also in the works in her hometown of Brownsville, Tennessee. The statue is set to be erected in front of the Tina Turner Museum, which was already opened back in 2014.

The TMX memorial would make it possible for locals and visitors alike to see the statue of the late singer, who continues to inspire many, even in death. The city’s Mayor, Bill Rawls Jr., said that the statue would represent Tina’s passion for music.

Tina had always been an inspiration to many people worldwide, and her relocation to Switzerland was no exception. She was easily able to afford the waterfront property since her net worth was estimated at $250 million. She had sold her image rights for a fortune two years before her death, which contributed to her wealth.

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BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch, who worked with Tina on a deal worth $50 million dollars, said that her musical journey had inspired hundreds of millions of people worldwide. BMG became responsible for managing Tina Turner’s musical and business interests.

She was indeed “simply the best” and continues to inspire many with her music and legacy.

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