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Exorcisms Beyond Hollywood: Legitimate or Indicators of Mental Illness?

Hollywood loves a good exorcism movie, but people around the world sometimes claim they are possessed by demons, raising questions about the authenticity of exorcisms.

TMZ Studios has a new series, “Strange & Suspicious,” now airing on a dozen FOX stations, exploring strange, unexplained, and downright weird stories. One such story delves into the validity of exorcisms.

Take Anneliese Michel in Germany, for example. She was allegedly possessed by a demon that claimed the right to use her body until she “croaked.”

While many exorcisms happen far from the big screen and Hollywood scripts, some occur in churches and are often caught on camera. These more public exorcisms sometimes appear a bit performative, raising the question: Are these individuals truly possessed, or are they suffering from mental illness?

There are also scientific or medical explanations for these events, but Anneliese’s case feels more authentic than others. Nonetheless, all these stories are quite terrifying.

So, what’s the deal here? We try to answer this and other burning questions on “Strange & Suspicious.”

Source: TMZ Studios