“Experience the Magic: Singing Rancheras – Like Kissing the Boy You Like!”

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Olga Basanta: The Spanish Singer with a Passion for Mexico

Olga Basanta has turned her social networks into a lectern from which to return all the love received to Mexico, the country that welcomed her and has promoted her career.

Introducing Herself

“With a B for good and an S for tasty,” she says with a laugh. She is smiling on all four sides of her, she gesticulates a lot, she has an overflowing charisma and crystalline green eyes that immerse you in her captivating personality. She is beautiful.

Career Overview

At 36, she has a very extensive resume: she is a singer, composer, singing teacher (coach, they call it now), piano, producer, she is a violist, not a violinist, a feat that she emphasizes emphatically.

Her Love for Mexico

The Spaniard has developed a good part of her musical career in Mexico and Mexico got into it well.

Only a pandemic could take her out of her beautiful Mexico almost five years after arriving. The paralysis of cultural life, of life, period, made it impossible to continue with her project and she was forced to return to Spain, where her support network was stronger and they could help her.

The Reality of Violence in Mexico

It is inevitable to ask yourself as a foreigner about the reality of violence in Mexico, which, many times, is the only thing that comes from the country to those of us who live abroad. How do you rate it?

“When you are a foreigner, everyone tells you ‘don’t go into that place, don’t go there’. But I got into it and I never had any problem.”

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Her Experience as an Artist in Mexico

When you intention something, life takes care of putting it in front of you. My plan was to stay for three weeks, but when I got there, I said to myself “I’m from here”. All doors and arms opened to me.

“You play with the added value of being different from what they are used to. In Mexico, the Spanish adore us, they really like the way we speak. I remember once in Monterrey, I was buying something, and suddenly a girl said to me ‘oh, you speak like my GPS’ (she laughs out loud). I think it’s time to give the Mexican public the place it deserves because it’s wonderful.”

Her Inspirations

The last songs I’ve released speak of being reborn. That moment when you are aware that you are in a place, in a relationship or in a couple that you do not want to be and, you have no idea where, but all you want is to run away.

Guerrera has been the last song she has released. It is an anthem for all women because sometimes we need a song that tells us “Hey, wake up”. There are a lot of possibilities out there that are waiting for you and you must go for them to be happy, which should be our maximum purpose in life.

Diversity and Body Positivity

In her networks she has a very powerful discourse on the diversity of bodies and Breaking…

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