“Experience Ultimate Bliss with Womanizer’s Revolutionary Shower Head for Intimate Pleasure”

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Womanizer and Hansgrohe have collaborated to create the first-ever shower head designed for masturbation. Named the Womanizer X Hansgrohe Wave, this bathroom shower head is intended to break the taboo around self-pleasure and incorporates it into everyday objects. With the aim of increasing the temperature from your bathroom the next time you shower, the new product offers a fine spray of rain, PleasureWhirl for stimulation with movement, and a pulsating jet for focused stimulation.

According to Womanizer, nearly two in five women masturbate in the shower at least once a month, and many women around the world have their first self-pleasure experience in the shower or bathtub. Priced at just $119, the Wave is available in discreet black and silver shades and has already been reviewed positively by a range of satisfied customers.

The design also has some impressive health benefits and can help relieve pain, strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce stress, and even improve sleep quality. The product is lightweight and ergonomic, allowing for one-handed use, and comes with a discreet, mobile slider. Additionally, it uses 60% less water than other shower heads.

The new shower head has already been well-received around the world, as satisfied customers attest to its effectiveness. One reviewer noted the product’s versatility for use in various positions and ease of use with one hand. Another stated they found the Wave to be practical for normal showers and hair washing while also providing relaxation and stimulation during self-care rituals.

Incorporating accessories like the Womanizer X Hansgrohe Wave into your everyday routine can demystify and destigmatize self-pleasure. The product’s discreet design and customizable spray options make it a great addition to any bathroom.

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