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Silo: A Must-Watch Sci-Fi Series

Silo, the latest creation by Graham Yost, has made a mark in the world of sci-fi series with its exceptional storytelling and captivating plot. With a rating of 92% on Apple TV Plus, the series has taken audiences on an exciting journey set in a toxic and dilapidated future where a community lives inside a gigantic underground silo hundreds of stories deep.

Starring Rebecca Ferguson, Iain Glen, Will Patton, Ferdinand Kingsley, Caitlin Zoz, Tim Robbins, Shane McRae, David Oyelowo, Common, and Geraldine James, Silo’s attention to detail and its impressive world-building have captured the attention of critics and fans alike.

Critics’ Reviews and Ratings

Chase Hutchinson of Collider remarks that “the journey that Ferguson takes us on has a lot to get involved in. Wherever the story ends, there is a will to make the leap, as long as she is there to guide us. For all the ways Silo can start to lose himself, both he and Ferguson still manage to stumble onto something more fascinating, finding a way to keep going despite everything holding him back.”

Dais Johnston of Inverse comments: “… the best way to sum up the series is simply to say that it exactly replicates the feeling of reading a gripping sci-fi book (…) The thriller gin would get tough if it weren’t for the stellar cast involved.”

Max Covill notes on The Playlist that “Ferguson’s Juliette is the complete package, a hard-hitting hero with plenty of reach to carry the dramatic parts with equal power. Not to be outdone, there’s a fantastic supporting cast that makes even the briefest of appearances memorable.”

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Louise Griffin highlights Silo’s beautifully realized slice of science fiction that bites off more answers than it can chew in ten episodes. The world-building and intrigue will keep audiences watching and hopefully, the payoff is well worth it for patient viewers.

Valerie Ettenhofer of Slash Film describes Silo as “loaded enough intrigue, existential dread, and well-executed world-building to keep viewers hooked throughout its 10-episode first season and hopefully beyond.”

Cody Allen of Geek Vibes Nation notes that “Silo excels at the small details, constantly turning our attention to new mysteries and keeping us engaged throughout its 10 episodes.”

Filmy Hype considers Silo as “one of the best science fiction series of recent years. It’s addictive, at times really exciting and its audiovisual section is a delight.”

Overall, the series has been praised for its smart and thrilling storytelling, making it a must-watch for any sci-fi fans.

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