Experts see the future of video games similar to streaming

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Experts see the future of video games similar to streaming

Within the framework of the CES electronics fair, which is being held these days in Las Vegas (Nevada), executives of Utomik, Blacknot and GeForce Now, companies that provide cloud gaming services, said that the future of video games resembles the reality of streaming.

The director of product management for Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Andrew Fear, considered that in the future video game users will seek to obtain their games on a platform similar to Netflix, based on a subscription service that does not require any type of console.

Although this type of project has already been implemented by the aforementioned companies, the CEO of Utomik, Doki Tops, foresees the normalization of this concept and believes that within three years the percentage of people who decide to play on this type of platforms will multiply by 80%.

The also video game designer said that although he believes that video game consoles will not disappear completely, they could be replaced by a large number of users and that, in any case, the companies producing these devices will have to redefine their usefulness.

Likewise, the marketing director of Blacknut, Daphne Parot, said that, from her perspective, the offer that a system like the cloud can offer could “connect the universes” of film and television with that of video games in a more organic and simple way than what a common console can provide.

The panel was chaired by Samsung’s head of gaming, Mike Lucero, during the world’s largest technology show, CES, which runs through January 8.

The CES, which in 2022 had a virtual and face-to-face meeting with less impact than its previous editions as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, is once again experimenting with the mixed format but this time 70% larger than in its last edition.

In it, leading technology companies, their representatives, as well as medium and small exhibitors will show the latest technological innovations in which they have been working.

Among the brands that are part of this mixed edition (face-to-face and virtual) are Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Canon, Intel and Nikon, among others.

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