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Explaining the First Lyric of Shaboozey’s ‘A Bar Song (Tipsy)’

It’s one thing to get a Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 song after you’ve put out a few that didn’t quite get there. But for country newcomer Shaboozey, hitting that top spot on his first major song release must be an incredible feeling.

Now that the song has reached peak mass popularity across all genres of music, let’s take a dive into the first lyric of the song, which has many people searching the internet for answers.

As the first few musical notes of the song begin, you can already tell you’re in for a happy and thrilling few minutes.

Then, the first lyric of the song hits, and either you know what Shaboozey is talking about, or you don’t. There really is no in between.

“My baby want a Birkin / She’s been tellin’ me all night long”

This line, in different genres of music, might be quickly and easily understood. However, it’s a rather new concept for some country music fans, as there are not too many country songs about luxury purses out there.

A Birkin is a very high-end brand of handbags, made by Hermès Paris.

Buckle up, this dollar amount is about to give you whiplash.

The world’s most expensive Birkin bag is an Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag that sold for $500,000.

While that is on the high-end of the high-end line, to even get your foot in the door and get a Birkin bag, the minimum cost of one is about $9,000.

So, when Shaboozey says his baby wants a Birkin, and she’s been telling him all night long, he’s basically saying he needs to make some money, and fast, to get his girl exactly what she wants to make her happy.

If you want to take a deeper look at the No. 1 hit, you can dive into the full lyrics of Shaboozey’s “A Bar Song (Tipsy).”

Source: Evan Paul, Nicole Taylor, Evan Rose, Sterling Whitaker