Explore Nevada’s Top 7 Pet-Friendly Destinations for Your Next Adventure

By: Dan Cooper

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Animal lovers know that they need to prioritize places where both they and their furry best friends can have an incredible time when going on a trip. Luckily, Nevada offers some fantastic options for that special vacation with your favorite company. Check out our list of the best tourist places in the “Silver State” that are guaranteed to make your trip unforgettable.

Cathedral Gorge State Park

This paradise for pet owners and photographers boasts more than five miles of soft bentonite clay trails. Unlike other canyons, Cathedral Gorge was formed by volcanic eruption rather than water. Take your leashed pup on a short hike to Moon Caves, where you’ll find a maze of slot canyons to explore. Plan your visit for late afternoon or early evening, when the Sun illuminates the walls with a warm golden hue. You can extend your stay by camping between the towers at the Cathedral Gorge State Park Campground.

Valley of Fire State Park

Located in southern Nevada, in the Mojave Desert, Valley of Fire State Park is an ideal destination for dog lovers. Spanning 4 miles wide by 6 miles long and located about 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, the park offers an impressive array of petrified trees dating back more than 2,000 years. Your pet is welcome, but she must always be on a leash no more than six feet long. Enjoy a walk through the desert with your furry companion and explore this beautiful park.

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a vacation destination that welcomes pets. With beautiful beaches to enjoy the sunshine and world-class ski resorts in the winter, this diverse location has countless activities for you and your furry friend. Take your dog on a kayak adventure and explore the wonders of America’s largest alpine lake. Plus, you’ll find pet-friendly restaurants and amazing accommodations with premium pup perks if you want to extend your stay.

Seven Magic Mountains

The Seven Magic Mountains art exhibit in Las Vegas is a dog-friendly destination where you and your furry friend can enjoy seven painted rock totem poles up to thirty-five feet tall. Visitors are welcome to bring their clean dogs on a leash.

Mount Charleston

If you want to escape the desert heat, Mount Charleston is an ideal destination for those traveling with their pets. Only an hour from downtown Las Vegas, it has 50 miles of hiking trails, with average temperatures 20 degrees cooler than in Sin City. In November, the Bristlecone Trail is one of the most popular hikes, and it offers the opportunity to ride a sled, build snowmen, and play snowball fetch. Spring Mountains National Recreation Area is the perfect place for year-round fun.

International Car Forest of The Last Church

The International Car Forest of The Last Church is a remarkable and pet-friendly destination for those who love cars and forests. A forest of vintage cars has been vandalized and planted upside down in the ground in an artistic and unique way. Your dog is welcome to join you as they explore this quirky spectacle. The park is open every day of the week, 24 hours a day.

Carson River Park

Carson River Park is an ideal green space to enjoy with your dog in Carson City, Nevada. At this 40-acre park along the Carson River, dogs can run off-leash at all times. It boasts a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, an accessible fishing pier, a non-motorized boat ramp on the river, decomposed granite walking paths, a parking lot at the trailhead, and portable toilets. Explore this beautiful place in Nevada with your furry best friend.

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