“Exploring Plan B: How ‘Sálvame’ Hosts and Contributors Adapted to Unforeseen Circumstances”

Sálvame, the popular Telecinco afternoon program, will finally close its curtains on June 16. The news has left the show’s collaborators reflecting on their future ventures after spending fourteen years on air. While some have expressed concerns about the unknown, others have been keeping busy with their own businesses outside of the show.

Belén Esteban, a talk show host and collaborator since the beginning of Sálvame in 2009, owns a food brand called Sabores de la Esteban that has been a great business success. Her products, including gazpacho, French fries, and vegetable creams, are marketed in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Germany.

Kiko Hernández, another Sálvame collaborator, has been pursuing his passion for performing arts. He has acted in several theater productions and hosts his own program on Telecinco called Mejor llama a Kiko.

Gema López, a journalist on the show, has been running her own fashion brand, Ne & nu, since March 2021. Her designs have been widely accepted on social media, often selling out in under 24 hours.

María Patiño, a presenter on Socialité, a show that will continue to air on Telecinco, reacted positively to the news of Sálvame’s cancellation. She is a mother, partner, and journalist who has participated in talent shows such as MasterChef and Mask Singer.

Lydia Lozano, who rose to popularity in shows such as Tómbola and A tu lado, has expressed a willingness to explore other professions that she developed in her youth. She has been the image of various firms, including the fashion brand Koker.

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Kiko Matamoros, who has his own videopodcast on MTMAD with his fiancée, Marta López Álamo, is finalizing the details of his wedding that will be held on June 2 in Madrid.

Terelu Campos, the daughter of María Teresa Campos, writes a blog for the magazine Lecturas and has been mentioned as a possible new collaborator for a program hosted by Sandra Barneda this summer.

Carmen Borrego, who has spent much of her working life in television, is evaluating other options outside of the industry. She has announced a new business idea to open a chicken rotisserie.

Meanwhile, Jorge Javier Vázquez, who has signed a contract with Telecinco until 2025, has been absent from the set for a few days due to medical prescription. The presenter has also been busy with other ventures, such as producing plays, hosting a podcast, and publishing three books.

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