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“Exploring Sandra Villarruel’s Multifaceted Persona Beyond ‘La Bebota'”

Sandra Villarruel Recalls Working with Jorge Porcel in the ’80s

Sandra Villarruel recently reminisced about her time working with Argentine actor and comedian Jorge Porcel in the ’80s. Villarruel spoke about the way comedy was made during that time in a recent radio interview. She also commented on how the Hill brothers in ATAV 2 are reminiscent of the Sofovich brothers and Jorge Porcel.

Behind the Scenes of the Revue Theater in ATAV 2

In the latest episode of ATAV 2, Ana, played by Justina Bustos, struggles to memorize lyrics filled with macho turns and double meanings. Dario Barassi’s character, the capocomico, mistreats her and mocks her physical appearance. Villarruel commented on how similar these scenes are to her own experiences as a Bebota.

Women’s Roles in Comedy

During the interview, Villarruel pointed out how women were an ornament in sketches during the ’80s. She cited off-color jokes related to the female anatomy that were allowed at the time. Villarruel recognized that this was a time and place that she feels has been rejected. She also discussed the similarities she sees between Porcel and Barassi’s comedic style.

Villarruel Moves Beyond Her Past

Villarruel worked with Porcel when she was just 18 years old. She rose to fame playing the character of Lola in Las gatitas y ratones de Porcel. But Villarruel has since moved beyond her past and is now dedicating her time to biodecoding, ontological coaching, and family constellations.

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