Explosive Revelations Unveiled in Documentary on the Murder of Paco Stanley

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Paco Stanley: The Investigation Continues

The documentary ‘EL SHOW: Chronicle of a murder’ is set to air on June 7 via the ViX platform and has caused quite a stir. Directed by Diego Enrique Osorno, the investigative project focuses on the murder of Paco Stanley in 1999. The documentary is set to feature interviews with various key figures involved in the case, including Mario Bezares and Paola Durante who were accused of participating in the homicide, as well as top TV executives Emilio Azcárraga and Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

The murder of Paco Stanley took place on June 7, 1999, as he was leaving restaurant El Charco de las Ranas in Mexico City after having breakfast with his program partners from ‘One After Another’ on TV Azteca. The high-profile case garnered widespread media attention, resulting in the arrest (and exoneration) of Bezares and Durante who was then-aide-de-camp on the program.

In a recent interview, Durante teased viewers by promising a big surprise that would leave them in shock. Although she refused to reveal the person’s name, journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante stated that Diego Enrique Osorno had managed to get ‘El Cholo’ and ‘El Cocinero,’ two key characters from the Stanley case, to participate in the documentary.

‘El Cholo’ is believed to be the material murderer, the person who pulled the trigger and ‘El Cocinero’ is thought to be the betrayer who was behind the arrest of Mario, Paola and others. Luis Gabriel Valencia “El Flama,” the cook of the Amezcua brothers who were suspected leaders of the Colima Cartel, initially pointed to Mario Bezares and Paola Durante as being involved in the murder. But he later retracted his statement, claiming that authorities had pressured him. He identified ‘El Cholo’ as the perpetrator of the crime, which ultimately remains unsolved.

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Despite the lack of closure in the Paco Stanley case, the upcoming documentary provides a significant investigative look into a crime that remains one of the most publicized in recent Mexican history.

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