“Explosive Showdown: Alejandra Rubio and Belén Rodríguez Head for Courtroom Battle”

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The relationship between Carmen Borrego and Terelu Campos has been causing quite a buzz in recent days due to their differing opinions on the health of their mother, María Teresa Campos. While Terelu has requested privacy on the matter, Carmen has shared details about their mother’s condition on national television.

This has led to questions about the relationship between the two sisters, who have had a tumultuous history in recent times. However, Terelu’s daughter, Alejandra Rubio, has defended her mother, stating that she has been more prudent in her comments.

Alejandra believes that certain matters should be kept private, as they belong to the family’s privacy. She also denies any tension or bad relationship between her mother and aunt, stating that they have spoken about the matter.

The journalist Belén Rodríguez has also been brought into the discussion, as she was previously accused of leaking information about a family meeting. When asked about this on a television show, Belén refused to comment and revealed that she cannot speak about the matter legally.

Despite the tension and disagreements, Alejandra has expressed her love and admiration for her grandmother and believes that it is a time for the family to respect and be with her during this difficult stage.

Overall, it is clear that the family is going through a difficult time, and it is important to respect their privacy and decisions regarding their mother’s health.

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